Carousal Template

Create visually appealing and interactive carousel templates with Carousel Templates on Cloud API. Select from Utility or Marketing templates, and customize buttons for an interactive user experience.

Carousel Templates are only available while using Cloud API.


Carousel templates allow you to send a single text message, accompanied by a set of up to 10 carousel cards in a horizontally scrollable view. This document describes carousel templates and how to use them.

In addition to the mobile device experience, users can now view Carousel messages seamlessly on the WhatsApp Web Client.

Template Creation

To create a Carousel Template, you have to select the Category - Carousel Template. This can be a Utility template or a Marketing Template.

The Carousel Format allows to create visually appealing and interactive carousel templates.

  1. Carousel Type: Users can choose the type for the carousel templates either Image Carousel or Video Carousel.

  2. Button Types: The buttons can be Quick Reply type, URL, or a phone number. Button 1 type will be default set as Quick Reply.

Cards should have a media header (image or video), body text, and at least one button. It supports 2 buttons. Buttons can be the same or a mix of quick reply buttons, phone number buttons, or URL buttons.

To add a card for the Carousel, click on "+Add Carousel Card". A pop-up will appear for you to add a file as Card Header (Accepted file types: .mp4,.3gpp within 10MB size, in case of Video Carousel and Accepted file types: .JPEG, .JPG,.PNG within 5MB size, in case of Image Carousel), Card Body, and, button text.

After selecting the Carousel format and carousel cards, submit the Template to META for approval.

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