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Create personalized chatbots effortlessly with Gallabox! Whether starting from scratch or using our diverse templates, follow simple steps to craft engaging bots for impactful customer interactions.

Ready to explore the world of chatbot creation in Gallabox? Whether you're starting from scratch or leveraging our diverse templates, follow these simple steps to effortlessly craft, edit, and enhance your bots for impactful and engaging customer interactions. Let's dive in and master the art of chatbot creation!

Create a Bot in Gallabox

You can create a Bot in Gallabox using three options - Build with AI, Use a Template, or Start from Scratch.

Create a Bot using AI

To build a bot with AI in Gallabox, you will have to provide a prompt or select from the use-cases provided.

Once the Bot is created, you have to personalize the flow adding your details, variables to store the data, and connectors to push the data to your CRM.

You can rename the bot flow, intent for the bot flow, and configure custom settings.

Create a Bot using Bot Templates

To build a Bot using the Templates, choose the template that resonates with your business. We have a plethora of templates segregated into Industries. Click on the the button Use for the any template. Select the option - Create your own bot from the Dropdown and click on Deploy.

Create a Bot from Scratch

To create a Bot from scratch, choose the option. In the side window, fill in the Bot Name, Configure the nudge for the bot, and custom configurations.

What if the contact didn't respond to the bot's questions?

  1. Add the session out Time for the Bot in How long the bot can wait for reply?

  1. Add the action once the Bot session expires in What should the bot do after the designated wait time?

Custom Configurations

To accept the messages and send the messages in voice - Toggle On the Accept voice messages also as input option.

Once the bot is created, you can add multiple flows in any bot to create a well-flourished conversational chatbot.

Great! You have successfully created your first BOT! Let's see how to edit the bot details.

Edit or Update a Bot

After creation of the bot, you can edit the details like the Bot Name, or the time you want the bot to wait for the response from the user after the last question you asked, or the message you want to share with the customer after the wait time, or the action you want the bot to do at the end of the conversation. Follow the below GIF to get an understanding.

Clone a Bot

To clone a bot, follow these steps:

  1. Find the bot you wish to clone within your list of bots. Click on the 'Clone Bot' option for the bot you selected. The entire bot, including all its flows and settings, will be duplicated. The new bot will have 'copy of' prefixed to its name.

  1. All connectors, templates, and actions are retained within the same account. All the flows in the duplicated bot will be in the draft state. You will have to publish them individually.

  1. Log data and session data will be cleared in the cloned bot.

If the bot being cloned is a default bot, the cloned bot will not be marked as a default bot.

Copying a bot in Gallabox keeps its settings and data unchanged.

Bot Logs

Logs provides an overview of different flows details like the flow name, associated intents, last published date, session completion statistics, and overall status. This summary allows users to track the performance and status of various flows within Gallabox.

When the Bot limit for the plan you are subscribed to has been reached and you would want more number of Bots in your account, reach out to the support team on

Voice-enabled bot

Enabling “Voice” for a bot refers to a recorded note sent directly through WhatsApp, not audio file like song or outside WhatsApp recorded file.

To enable the voice for your bot, check for the toggle under the Custom Configurations while creating a Bot.

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