Generate API Key in Gallabox

  1. 1.
    From the left navigation go to Integration in your Gallabox and Click on WebEngage from the available apps.
  1. 2.
    Provide a name for the integration and click on Connect. On connection, Gallabox will provide API Key. This key will be used in the WebEngage Platform.

Add WSP in WebEngage

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    Navigate to WebEngage and from the navigation bar click on Data Platform. Select Integrations from the drop-down and choose WhatsApp Setup and click on Configure.
  1. 2.
    Upon Clicking on Configure, you will have to choose Private WSP from the available apps.
  1. 3.
    A pop-up will appear to Edit WhatsApp Service Provider as show below by providing all the necessary details.
-> Configuration Name: Put Gallabox as the configuration name.
-> WhatsApp Business Number: Put the Phone number that is connected with your Gallabox account.
-> URL: Paste the below URL.
-> Request Type: Select Send personalization variables
-> Custom Headers: Click on Add Header to add the API Key and Value
Key: Authorization Value: Bearer <<You Gallabox API Key>>
The Gallabox API was created in Step - 2, sub-step - 2.2 step-02
  1. 4.
    Below is the screenshot you can refer to and Click on Save.
  1. 5.
    You can see the Integration under the WSP List as shown in the screenshot.

Setting Throttling Configuration

  1. 1.
    Navigate to Configuration from the navigation panel. Select Throttling, then WhatsApp. Keep throttling limit as 1000 per minute.
Now you can send 1000 messages sent out per minute through WhatsApp.

Your configuration is ready. You can now start using WebEngage to send WhatsApp messages via Gallabox

WebEngage WhatsApp Templates

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    Once the WSP is added in WebEngage, you have to click on "Add WhatsApp Template" button as highlighted in the below picture.
  1. 2.
    Once you click on "Add WhatsApp Template" button, a pop-up will open as shown below. You have to choose the WSP that you created for Gallabox.
You have to copy & paste the exact template (verified) from Gallabox you want to share as a part of your campaign. For Instance, below is the message template created and verified in Gallabox Account.
  • The template name of the above message template is - sandeep_temp_clone_clone. You have to copy & paste the same name in your WebEngage Account. If you don't, then the campaign will not be successful.
  • Similarly, for the template text, copy & paste the exact same text the template has.
The above Message Template from Gallabox, will look like in WebEngage as shown in the picture below:
In the above picture, {{1}} - name and {{2}} - Custom. These are the variables defined while creating the message template on your Gallabox Account.
In WebEngage, you list the variables as {{1}}, {{2}}. Make sure to change your variables from Gallabox to the numbers.
  1. 3.
    Once you copy & paste the template, click on the button - "Add Template". The Template will be listed on your WebEngage Account and is ready to be used in the WhatsApp Campaign.
Get Ready to Launch your first WhatsApp Campaign on WebEngage!
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