Update Contact Fields

Streamline customer communication with Gallabox's contact field update feature. Opt to replace, add if empty, or append details seamlessly. Click to find out more!

This card can be used to Update the Contact fields that you ask from your customers like their name, contact number, email, their availability, or any instruction they have given.

After choosing the field that you would like to update and the value for the field, you have to select the operation in some cases:

-> Choose Replace, if you want to update the previous contact details with new details.

-> Choose Add if Empty, to add the contact details to a particular contact.

-> Choose Append, if you want to add more to the details.

You can see the updated contact fields in the Contact section of Gallabox.

To change the Marketing Opt-ins, follow the below GIF:

To know more about how to create and update the Fields in Gallabox click here.

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