Integrate Cashfree with Gallabox effortlessly. Connect, update configurations, and set up automated messages for your desired workflow.

Integrate Cashfree with Gallabox to streamline payments and transactions. Follow this guide to set up the integration and automate tasks and reduce errors by linking these services.

Connect the platforms.

  1. In Gallabox, navigate to "Integration" and select the "Cashfree" app from the available integration options.

  1. Click on "Connect" to generate a Webhook URL . Provide the name for the Integration and click on "Submit".

  1. Navigate to your Cashfree portal. In the left-hand menu, select "Developers." Then, click on "Webhooks."

  1. Click "Add Webhook Endpoint". Copy the Webhook URL generated in Gallabox (Step 3) and paste it under the endpoint URL. Then, choose the webhook version.

Test the Webhook Endpoint

  1. Next, test the Webhook Endpoint by clicking on "Test." Once you receive a response, click "Next."

If you are getting an error - Merchant Key is not Present for id ********, create an API Key in Cashfree.

Developers > API Keys > Generate API Key.

  1. Select all events for the Endpoint URL and click on "Add Webhook".

Configure the settings

  1. Choose your preferred channel from the drop-down menu and click "Update Configurations".

By following these steps, you have successfully integrated Cashfree with Gallabox, allowing for seamless transaction processing and enhanced customer interaction.

Remove Cashfree Integration

If you want to delete the current Cashfree Integration due to some reasons, follow the below GIF.

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