Send Form

Enhance user engagement with customizable forms using the Send Form feature. Set header, body, footer texts, and more for a personalized experience.

Understanding "Send Form"

The Send Form feature allows users to send a form with customizable header, body, and footer texts through a messaging platform.

Send Form Essentials:

Before we start, here are some things you need to know:

Header Text

This field allows you to set an optional header text for the form, providing context or a title. In the example: "Survey Form."


The body text is where you define the main content or prompt for the user. In the example: "What do you think?"

Optionally, you can include a footer text. It can be used for additional information or a closing message. In the example: "Thank you for your feedback!"

Button Name

This parameter involves specifying the name for the form submission button. In the example: "View."

WhatsApp Flow

Here, you select or specify the WhatsApp flow associated with the form. It could be a predefined flow for handling user responses.

Flow Action

The flow action defines what happens after the user interacts with the form. In the example: "Coming Soon" suggests that specific actions or behaviors are still in development or yet to be specified.

Screen Name

Paste the Id from JSON format.

Implementation Example:

Let's take an example configuration for a company that would like their customers to change the contact preferences and communication type.

For the Header Text: "Manage Communication Preferences"

For the Body Text: "Select your communication preferences from the options below"

For Footer Text: "Thank you for managing your preferences with us!"

For the Button Name: "Submit Preferences"

Select the relevant WhatsApp Flow you have created in your Business Manager. If you haven't, created any, go to Flows.

For the Screen Name you have to paste the Id of the first screen. You can take it from the JSON format. You will get the Id from your Business Manager.

In the below picture, the text enclosed in blue box is the Screen id you have to paste in the Screen Name of Ask Form.

Sample Flow - Send Form Card

In Gallabox Bot Interface:

In WhatsApp:


  1. The above sample flow is for you to understand how "Send Form" Card works and it's usage. It is not a representation of what can be achieved with Gallabox.

  2. All the responses will be collected in a section - WhatsApp Flows under Settings.

  3. You can use this Card if you don't require any input from the user.

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