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Compose Box

The compose box is intended for Gallabox users to create messages for customer chat, include private notes, and mention team members.
The below screenshot displays how a Compose Box looks inside Conversations. You can either send a Response to the customer using Reply or you can mention Gallabox user in a private message using Notes.


Apart from sending a session message or WhatsApp Template (in case of first Interaction), you can add enclose attachments, Emojis, Format the text, choose from the Canned Response, Send WhatsApp templates, rewrite using AI, and translate the message in your customers' language.
Product Catalogue
With Gallabox, you can search for products by their names, making it super convenient. You can share up to 30 products in one message. Whether you're showcasing a single item or a whole collection, we've got you covered for a smooth shopping experience.
Attach Files
You can quickly find your recently used files with the 'Use Recent Files' feature and easily add new ones with 'New Upload.'
Request Payments
You can easily request payments via WhatsApp. You choose the payment amount in USD, INR, EUR, and AED. Include a personal note to your payment request message to convey the purpose of the payment.
Record Audios
The "Record Audio" feature allows you to capture and send voice messages in your conversations.
Add Emojis with your text message to make the content more engaging and visually appealing.
You can format your content Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, and paste a code within a message.
  • Use Bold and Italics to highlight important words and phrases.
  • Use strikethrough to cross out text, such as a discount offer or a change of plans.
  • Paste code within a message to make it more engaging.
Canned responses
Canned responses can be used to save time and improve efficiency. They are typically used to answer frequently asked questions or to provide customers with standard information.
WhatsApp Templates
WhatsApp templates are pre-approved messages that can be used to send updates, alerts, and other important information to customers. They can be customized to include specific information, such as the customer's name, order number, or appointment time making them more relevant and engaging for customers.
Learn more on how you can create WhatsApp Templates in Gallabox.
AI Re-Write
Use AI to rewrite text in a different way to make the text shorter or longer, to improve its grammar & clarity, or to change its tone.
You can:
  1. 1.
    Change Tone of the text: You can choose from Professional, Friendly, and Humorous tone for your text message.
  1. 2.
    Do Spell & Grammar Check of the text: Check the text message's Grammar and spelling to maintain professionalism with your customers.
  1. 3.
    Make the text shorter: You can make your text message short and crisp using this option.
  1. 4.
    Make the text longer: Use this option to make your content descriptive.
  1. 5.
    Simplify Sentence: Simply your text message for your customers to understand better.
Translate the text from your native language to customer's native language on a click.
You can also translate the incoming message directly in the chat box. Follow the below GIF.
  • Make sure you have selected your Native Language for the Account.


Gallabox's note-taking tool is similar to your modern-day sticky notes, serving as a valuable resource for users. This feature helps Gallabox users' to attach notes to customer conversations, enhancing your grasp of the customer's concern. This feature fosters improved communication and cooperation among Gallabox users, resulting in a more seamless handover process.
Notes are internal and cannot be viewed by your customer. They are shown in a yellow text bubble to differentiate between messages.


Once you mention a Gallabox users' using @name in Notes, the chat will be visible in their Mention Inbox for a smooth collaboration.

Receive and send reactions on Cloud API

Users can express their feelings, opinions, and responses to messages using predefined reactions like thumbs-up, thumbs-down, emojis, or other interactive options.
Hover to the Add reaction in the conversation pane to pick an emoji.
To remove the reaction you can click on the reaction on the message.
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