Gallabox streamlines your chats into different inboxes like Unassigned, Mine, Mentions, Pinned, Open, and Resolved. Manage and organize your conversations effectively with Gallabox!

Gallabox streamlines your chats into various inboxes, providing an effective way to manage and organize your conversations.

Let's explore how to make the most of these chat organization features!

The different inboxes are : Unassigned, Mine, Mentions, Pinned, Open, and Resolved.

Let's take a closer look:

At the top, horizontally, you'll find six inboxes to sort your chats:

Here you will find the conversations that are not assigned to any agent yet. Anytime a customer replies to a broadcast you shared or a new customer reaches out, the chat will be in Unassigned Inbox. They will be visible to all the Gallabox users.

If a Gallabox user replies to a chat that is in Unassigned Inbox, it will shift to Mine Inbox and will be assigned to that user. The Gallabox users can have a to and fro conversation.

For more effective collaboration, you can mention your team-mates within a customer's chat using @name and the conversations will be listed under Mention inbox.

With the "Pinned" feature, you can have a visibility of specific chats for easy access and quick retrieval.

Open chats provide a comprehensive overview of all customer conversations with Gallabox users, enhancing overall efficiency.

Gallabox users can mark a chat as "resolved" when they have successfully addressed a customer's query, making it easy to distinguish between chats that are still open and require attention, and those that are resolved and no longer need to be reviewed.

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