Seamlessly integrate ShipRocket with Gallabox by configuring the API and setting up webhooks. Follow the step-by-step guide to connect your accounts and streamline your shipping process.

ShipRocket API Configuration

  1. Sign in to your ShipRocket Account. Click On Settings => API => Configure or you can go directly to this link -

  1. Click on Create an API user, in the pop-up menu, fill in the email (this email should be different from that of the one used to register to ShipRocket).

ShipRocket Configuration Steps

  1. Go to Integrations in the left navigation of your Gallabox account. Hover over ShipRocket Integration from the available applications and click on the Connect button.

  1. Once you click on ShipRocket, click on Connect. You will be prompted to add Integration Name, and Email & Password created in your ShipRocket account. After pasting click on Submit.

  1. Once you have entered the API Email & Password, it will redirect you to enter the configuration in Gallabox.

  1. You have to select the channel Name and click on Update Configuration.

ShipRocket Webhook Setup

You have to add the webhook generated while configuring ShipRocket in your Gallabox Account.

  1. Jump to your ShipRocket dashboard. Select "Settings" and then "API". Under API select Webhook.

  1. Paste the Webhook URL and the Webhook Secret from your Gallabox account as shown in the below GIF.

  1. Test and Save the Webhook.

Once you have done this, your ShipRocket Integration will be connected with Gallabox.

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