Ask Address

This feature is only available for businesses based in Singapore and their Singapore customers, and businesses based in India and their India customers.

Understanding "Ask Address"

The Ask Address card is designed to make it easy for companies to get their customer's addresses for shipping, mailing, or location verification.

Ask as Text Essentials

Learn the basics of the Ask Text Card to make the process of asking the customer's location easier.

Header Text

In the Header Text, you can craft a concise and welcoming message that immediately informs the customer of the purpose. This should be short, clear, and reassuring to ensure the customer feels safe in providing their address.


"Your Address will be safe with us"

Question Text

This is the space which will inform users about your intention of asking their address.


"Kindly provide your address to help us deliver your selected products at your doorstep."

The footer in a message provides important secondary information. In most of the WhatsApp Templates, it offers an option to unsubscribe from messages.


Text STOP to unsubscribe from messages.

Pre-filled Address

If you already have your customer's address, you can pre-fill the address using variables for them to double check and confirm that address.

Store response in the variable

The user's address input can be stored in a variable named address.

Validation Errors

You throw errors in the address fields if you feel that the customer might have provided the details wrong and WhatsApp will prevent the customer from submitting the address until the issue(s) are/is resolved.

Validation Settings

Attempt: Specifies the number of attempts allowed for a user to provide valid input.

Validation Error Message: Optional field to enter a custom error message displayed when user input fails validation.

Action on Invalid Response: Defines the action to be taken when the user provides invalid input.

Best Practices

  • Be transparent about why you're collecting the address and how it will be used.

  • Respect customer privacy and ensure you comply with data protection regulations.

  • Provide an option for customers to skip the address collection if it's not mandatory.

  • Ensure the address input is as user-friendly as possible, supporting autofill and verification to minimize errors.

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