Send Voice

Discover the AI Voice Beta feature on Gallabox for easy voice messaging. Record messages, add text for context, and select your preferred voice. Revolutionize your communication experience with us.

AI Voice Beta Feature Overview:

The AI Voice Beta feature offers users the ability to send voice messages effortlessly, revolutionizing communication within Gallabox. With this feature, users can leverage AI-powered voice recording capabilities to convey messages more effectively, fostering clearer and more engaging interactions.

Gallabox Voice Beta Features:

  1. Record Voice Messages: Users can utilize the Record option to capture their voice messages directly within the Gallabox platform.

  2. AI Voice Selection: Gallabox offers users the flexibility to select from a range of voices for their AI-generated messages.

Let's understand their usage by an example:


For generating AI voice, you have to type in the Question Text, select the desired voice from the drop-down, and click on Generate Voice Button.

The Question text will be changed into voice. You can listen to it, change playback speed before saving the card to be used in the bot.

Record Voice

If you want to send a message in your voice, use Record option. Just press the record Button to record. To stop recording, click on Stop Recording.

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