Export Contacts

Export your contact records from your Gallabox account. View past exports and download the processed list from your account. Delete export history if needed.

Export Contacts

You can export your Contact records from your Gallabox account. You can also view a list of your .

To Export:

  1. Go to Contacts on your Gallabox account. Hover to Export. From the drop-down select "Export Contacts". Click on "Confirm" to get your contacts list on email id.

  1. The processed contact list will be sent to your registered email ID with Gallabox. Go to your designated inbox and open the email received from notifications@gallabox.com and click on Download.

You can also download the processed list from your Gallabox account.

To view your contact list open the downloaded file in your local device.

If you want to delete the export history from Gallabox Account before 7 days, you can click on the delete button as shown in the GIF below.

By deleting this the export history, the executed changes will not be reverted only the history will be deleted.

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