Send payment links via WhatsApp chatbot using PhonePe

Enhance your payment experience with PhonePe! Generate payment links effortlessly within the chat-flow using the PhonePe connector. Follow the steps for a seamless and efficient payment process.


Using this connector, you can create a payment link to be sent to the customers via the send card in the chat-flow. Let's see the steps involved in creating a payment link via PhonePe.

Connect PhonePe Account

  1. Under the connections, click on PhonePe to start with the connection.

  1. Once you click on PhonePe Connector, you will have the Action i.e. Create Payment Link. Click on the Action and you will be asked to either create a New Connection or Select from an existing connection. If you are adding a new connection, type in the connection name and then click on Create New Connection.

  1. To "Add New Connection", you will have to enter details like Merchant Id, Salt Key, and Salt Index. Once you enter the details, click on "Create Connection" to create a new PhonePe connection.

To get the Merchant ID, kindly reach out to PhonePe Team. Salt Keys will be shared along with the Merchant ID details.

  1. The moment you click on Create Connection, you will be taken to the Action - Create Payment Link. You have to add the variables for Amount and the Payment Link and click on Save

  1. The PhonePe connector is ready to be used in the bot-flow. You can add the success and failure conditions as shown in the below GIF:

With the PhonePe connector, effortlessly generate payment links for customers within the chat-flow. Follow the simple steps to ensure a smooth and efficient payment experience for users. Let's simplify the payment process with PhonePe!

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