User Details

Discover the key elements of your Gallabox profile, from your name and email address to your role and language preference. Customize your profile picture to complete your online identity.

Your user details in Gallabox encompass essential personal information, including your name, email address, role within the organization, and language preference.


This section allows you to add a profile picture, providing a visual representation of yourself within the Gallabox platform. It's important to note that the image file you upload should be less than 50KB in size.


Your full name, which is used to identify you within Gallabox. Other users and your organization will see your name when you interact with them.


Your email address, which serves as your unique identifier in Gallabox. It's essential for communication, notifications, and account management. Once you accept the invitation request, it cannot be modified.


This determines what actions and permissions you have within the platform. For instance, a user can have roles like 'Owner,' 'Admin,' or 'Member'. Once you accept the invitation request, it cannot be modified.


You can select your preferred language for the Gallabox interface. This helps in making the platform more user-friendly by displaying content in your chosen language, enhancing your overall experience.

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