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Click To WhatsApp Analytics

Click To WhatsApp Analytics is a versatile tool that allows you to delve deep into your WhatsApp interactions. Whether you're seeking a snapshot of the past 90 days or specific data within a custom range, this feature empowers you with a wealth of information.

Metrics at Your Fingertips:

1. Facebook Ads: Discover how your Facebook advertising efforts are translating into WhatsApp interactions. Monitor conversions and assess the impact of your ads on your WhatsApp engagement.
2. Facebook Posts: Analyze the correlation between your Facebook posts and WhatsApp interactions. Identify which posts are driving user engagement and tailor your content accordingly.
3. Instagram: Understand the role of Instagram in your WhatsApp interactions. Measure the effectiveness of your Instagram content and its influence on your WhatsApp connections.
4. Others: Gain insights into WhatsApp interactions originating from various sources. This category allows you to explore interactions not covered by the previous metrics.

How to Access Click To WhatsApp Analytics:

Accessing Click To WhatsApp Analytics in Gallabox is straightforward. Simply navigate to the CTWA section, where you'll find the option to view data for the custom range for more specific insights.
Last modified 1mo ago