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Efficiently using inbox

We will delve into the essential features that make optimizing the Inbox a breeze: Chat Filtering, efficient message searches, and the convenience of Quick Contact Views.

Filter conversations

On the top left side, you also have the option to sort out what type of chats you would like to see:
Available inboxes to filter are:
  • Open - Shows ALL chats apart from the Unassigned Inbox chats.
  • Unread - Chats that have not read yet or are under the Unassigned Inbox.
  • Resolved - Chats that are resolved after providing correct resolution to customer's issues.

Filter by Tags

It is possible to filter Open, Resolved, and Unread Chats according to a specific conversation tags associated with them.

Filter by Assign to

You can sort your chats Gallabox User wise and see how many chats every Gallabox user is working on.

Filter by Channel

You can see all Resolved, Open, or Unread Chats Channel Wise. If you have more than 1 Channel connected with Gallabox, this filter will be useful.

Search Chat

Search any message within the customer's chat utilizing this button.

Contact View

You can see the contact information for the customer who you are conversing with. Gallabox allows you to edit or change the information like email address, or Contact Tags or any other field while you are in the middle of providing a solution to your customers.
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