Data Security and Infra

Discover how Gallabox prioritizes data security with a multi-layered approach, including infrastructure, access controls, encryption, and auditing, to safeguard customer data integrity.

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, data security remains a paramount concern for any software products. Gallabox solution adheres to the highest standards of data security, ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of customer data. This section outlines our robust approach to securing data across various dimensions of our product.

Advanced Role-Based Access and Audit Controls
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Adds an additional layer of security for user authentication.

  • Granular Role-Based Controls: Implements team-based and channel-based access with features like phone masking.

  • Internal Restrictions: Ensures data is not accessible outside the organization.

  • Exhaustive Audit Logs: Keeps detailed records of all data interactions.

  • Controlled Troubleshooting: Allows troubleshooting only with approved access.

Secure and Scalable Hosting Infrastructure
  • Scalability: Supports both horizontal and vertical scaling for consistent performance.

  • Advanced Cloud Infrastructure: Implements cutting-edge cloud infrastructure and data security principles.

  • Role-Based Authentication: Ensures data is accessible only to authorized personnel.

  • Secure Data Downloads: Data extraction is controlled and requires necessary approvals.

  • Integration Flexibility: Offers various secure integration models, including HTTPS.

  • Containerization: Utilizes Docker for secure and efficient application deployment.

  • Inbuilt Security in AWS and MongoDB Atlas: Leverages inherent security features for enhanced protection.

Enhanced Data Security Measures
  • HTTPS for Secure Communication: Utilizes trusted, auto-renewable certificates for HTTPS integrations.

  • Encryption: Ensures all data, in-transit and at-rest, is encrypted.

  • Authorized User Access: Restricts data viewing to authorized users on the Gallabox Web/App Console.

  • Role-Based Data Access: Implements client-defined, authenticated roles for data access.

  • Database Security: Limits database access to approved IPs within the VPC.

  • Audit Trail: Maintains detailed logs of all data access and modifications.

Robust Backup and Recovery Infrastructure
  • Geographic Distribution: Backups are distributed across multiple zones, with a primary data center in the US.

  • Continuous Backup and Easy Restoration: Offers 4-hour continuous backup and efficient one-click data restoration.

Secure Source Code Management
  • Private Repositories: Manages source code in secure, private GitHub repositories.

  • Two-Factor Authentication: Requires this for all contributors' GitHub accounts.

  • Regular Key Rotation: Periodically rotates SSH keys and Personal Access Tokens.

  • Strategic Release Management: Employs well-defined branching strategies for controlled releases and rollbacks.

  • Continuous Integration: Uses Jenkins for continuous integration and code audits.

In summary, Gallabox is fortified with a multi-faceted approach to data security, encompassing robust infrastructure, stringent access controls, comprehensive encryption, and proactive auditing and recovery measures. These practices collectively ensure the security and integrity of our client's data, making our solution a reliable and trusted choice in the market.

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