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Manage Inbox

User Assignment

User assignment is crucial for a smoothly functioning shared inbox, facilitating teamwork and improving efficiency by distributing tasks effectively.
You can assign the chats to Gallabox Users' or to a Bot created.

Follow-up Reminders

Add the reminder to follow-up for a conversation. The reminder will alert agents within the contact conversation as a private note. You have Predefined and Customized type of reminders.

Conversation Window Session

This displays the timer for WhatsApp's 24 hour Session Window.

Conversation Tags

Conversation tags are labels you can assign to chats helping you categorize and organize based on specific criteria, topics, or statuses. This makes it easier to search for, track, and manage conversations, enhancing overall communication efficiency.
You can either create a Tag before assigning it to a chat or you can type and click on Create Tag option to create & assign Tags withing seconds.
Let's see how you can do that in the below GIF:

Block the Contact

Click on the three dots
on the right side of the chat to view the Block action you can perform.
Once you Block the contact, you cannot send or receive messages. If you want to send a message to a Blocked contact, unblock them and then send message.

Unblock the Contact

Click on the three dots
on the right side of the chat to view the Unblock action you can perform or you can click on Unblock Button at the bottom of the Chat section as shown in the GIF below:

Resolve Chat

This enables the chat to be resolved once appropriate support has been provided to customers.
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