Gallabox WhatsApp Flows Overview

Discover the power of WhatsApp Flows on Gallabox. Revolutionize customer interactions with customized journeys and enhanced user experiences. Optimize business outcomes with improved engagement.

Welcome to WhatsApp Flows!

Flows, a feature on Gallabox, lets you use focused workflows on WhatsApp. This enhances the way your customers interact.

Through Flows, you can:

  1. Introduce input forms, facilitating processes like appointment scheduling.

  2. Develop guided workflows that seamlessly navigate users through multiple screens, ideal for tasks like product orders.

Flows empower businesses to provide a more immersive and interactive user experience. This enhanced experience allows customers to accomplish tasks swiftly on WhatsApp, eliminating the need to switch to other applications or visit external websites.

Understanding Flows on WhatsApp Business Platform

Flows, an integral feature which revolutionizes the development and deployment of task-centric workflows on WhatsApp. This innovation significantly elevates the quality of interactions between customers and businesses.

WhatsApp Flows empower businesses to:

  1. Design Customized Journeys: Businesses can create, design, and customize their unique customer journeys, enhancing chatbot and AI agent solutions for comprehensive end-to-end experiences.

  2. Enhance User Interactions: For users, Flows improve interactions with businesses on WhatsApp, streamlining task completion and reducing drop-offs compared to alternative channels.

  3. Optimize Business Outcomes: For businesses, leveraging Flows translates to improved engagement and completion rates, ultimately leading to enhanced business outcomes.

Leveraging Flows

Flows are tailored for form-based scenarios. You can use Flows to accomplish various tasks with your customers, such as:

  • Lead generation

  • Appointment booking

  • Registration, Sign up, and Sign in

  • Customer support and feedback

and more...

We'll keep expanding Flows capabilities to unlock additional use cases in the future.

Sign Up

Appointment Booking

Flow Configuration and Usage

Flows are linked from a Call to Action (CTA) in a message. They consist of:

  • Screens: Users access the initial screen by tapping the Flows CTA, moving through multiple screens until completion.

  • Layouts: Define how components are presented within a Flow, offering a structured look and feel.

  • Components: Display information using Text, Images, and Embedded links. Create input fields with Text Inputs, Dropdowns, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Opt-in, and Date Pickers.

Flows can be sent as Business Initiated Messages or standard messages.

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