Create New Drip Campaign

Learn how to initiate a new sequence with easy steps to follow. Assign a name, select your target audience, and choose your WhatsApp channel. Start your drip campaign now!

Initiating a New Sequence: Easy Steps to Follow

  1. From your dashboard, click on Sequence as shown in the GIF.

  1. In the Sequence window, click on + Create New Sequence on top right corner. Follow the GIF below.

Sequence Name

The initial step in creating the sequence involves assigning a name to it for your identification purposes.

Target Audience

The user base you want to send these sequences of messages is already selected for you i.e Contacts.

WhatsApp Channel

Select the channel from which you would like to send out these messages. This will apply if you have connected more than 1 Channel or WhatsApp Number with your Gallabox Account. If you have only 1 number connected with your Gallabox Account, it will be already selected for you.

  1. Click on Next to proceed further with the Drip Campaign.

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