Contact Updation

Update contact information in 3 ways. Choose the method that suits you best. When updating contacts individually, you can send messages and view the contact's Updation date.

You can update a contact information in 3 ways:

Update Contact Individually

You can update the listed fields for a contact individually.

Bulk Update Contacts

You also have an option to update the common information such as Tags in bulk for the selected contacts. Click on the checkbox on the left side of "Name" to choose all the contacts on the page in one go.

5 is the maximum limit of fields you can choose to update in Bulk Update at one go. If you have more than 5 fields to update, kindly Bulk Update the leads twice.

Apart from the contact tags, you can update the information which will be common among the selected contacts like Attach Files or associate the Onboarding Form for the contacts. Quick read on how to create the Fields for Contacts.

Import & Update Existing Contacts

You can update all the existing contacts on Gallabox by uploading a file with updated contact information. The process is very much similar to importing contacts but in the Import Type you have to choose "Add New and Update Existing Contacts option".

When you upload the file with new contact details, you get the option to map the columns you would like to import.

The Import Actions are Append, Replace, Add if Empty, and Ignore.

-> Use Append if you want to add to the contact information which is already in Gallabox.

-> Use Replace if you want to replace the previous contact information in Gallabox with a new information.

-> Use Add if Empty if there are no details for the contact details in Gallabox.

-> Use Ignore if you do not want to map the field in Gallabox.

Let's see with the help of the GIF below:

Send Message to a Contact

You will be redirected to the conversation window of that particular contact. You can choose from the WhatsApp Templates in Compose Box to initiate the conversation.

Contact Updation Date

Once you update a contact, the contact Updation date and time will be visible. This field will not be listed in field collection or Column preference in contacts.

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