Flow in the Bot

Whether you want to create a flow from scratch or use a template, this guide will show you how to seamlessly create Bot Flows in Gallabox. Start building your conversational interface today!


Start on your journey to becoming a Gallabox Bot maestro! This guide will empower you to seamlessly create Bot Flows within your Bot for your conversational interface.

What is Flow?

A Flow or Bot Flow is a sequence of intents and actions that direct the chat bot to complete a task. You can create a Flow inside the bot from scratch or use any template from the Intensive Template Library to create a flow in the bot.

Let's dive in understand the types of flows in Gallabox.

Message Based Flow

A Message-Based Flow is like a chat conversation with a friend. It's a series of pre-defined messages that guide the chat bot to chat with users and provide information. It's useful for general interactions, answering queries, or engaging in casual conversations.

Order Based Flow

An Order-Based Flow is a bit more structured. It's like going through a step-by-step process, similar to placing an order online. This flow is handy when you want users to follow a specific sequence of actions, like selecting products, providing details, and completing a transaction. It's a go-to solution for businesses focusing on transactional engagements.

This flow is automatically triggered when the contact places an order from your Catalogue.

Create a Flow from Scratch

  1. Under My Bots click on the Bot for which you want to add the bot flows. Click on "Add New Flow" at the top right corner. You will be prompted to provide the Flow name, Flow type, (Keywords). Click on create once you enter the details.

Intents: The keywords or phrases a customer should type in order to start the conversation with a Bot. You can have more than 1 Intents for a Bot flow.

Custom Configurations

  1. Nudge contact if question message is unanswered: You can send a Message to your customer if he did not answer any question in a set interval of time.

  1. What actions should the bot take after the flow completion?

  1. Allow users to navigate back and forth within the flow: Toggle On

Great! You created a Flow inside the Bot. You will be redirected to bot builder to create using the Bot Cards/Nodes.

Create a Flow using the Template Library

  1. Go to "Bot Templates" from the drop-down option in Bots as shown in the GIF.

  1. Choose the Bot Template and click on "Use" as shown in the GIF. Choose the Bot from the drop-down to add as a flow template under the Bot.

  1. Click on "Go to Flow" to edit the content as per your company's voice or edit the template using the "Bot Cards" which Includes Send Message, Ask Questions, Utilities, Actions, and Connectors.

Enable nudge before dropping user off the bot

After a question is asked, if the user doesn't respond, a bot dropout occurs. However, by enabling this feature, we can proactively engage the customer before they are dropped from the bot, thereby recovering potentially lost customers. Here's how to enable this nudge feature:

  1. Select the bot for which you want to activate the nudge feature.

  2. Click on the "edit" icon on the flow.

  3. Navigate to "Custom Configurations."

  4. Locate the option titled "Nudge contact if question message is unanswered" and toggle it ON.

  5. Specify the following settings:

  • Number of attempts: The number of times you'd like to nudge the user before considering dropping them from the bot.

  • Delay time: The duration you want to wait before sending the initial nudge to the user, prompting them to respond.

  • Nudge message: The message you'd like to send to encourage the user to engage and re-ask the question in a friendly manner.

By following these steps, you can effectively utilize the nudge feature to enhance user engagement and retention within the bot.

Congratulations! You've successfully created a flow within your bot. Dive into the bot builder, explore the variety of Bot Cards and tailor your flows to align with your company's goals. Keep users engaged by employing the nudge feature strategically, ensuring a smoother and more interactive chat-bot experience.

When the Bot flow limit for the plan you are subscribed to has been reached and you would want more number of Bots in your account, reach out to the support team on support@gallabox.com.

Actions After Flow Completion

Toggle this on if you would like the bot can perform some actions upon completion of the flow.

To configure this,

Click the toggle button for "What actions should the bot take after the flow completion?" under Custom Configurations when you create Flow.

Users are allowed to navigate back and forth within the flow for enhanced interaction. Navigation options within the flow enable users to either return to previous steps for clarification or additional information or proceed forward to continue with the flow and complete desired actions.

To configure this,

Click the toggle button for "Allow users to navigate back and forth within the flow" under Custom Configurations when you create Flow.

Moving a Flow from One Bot to another

To move a flow from one bot to another:

Find the flow you wish to move to another bot. Click on the 'Clone Flow' option. You will be prompted to enter the new flow name and select the bot from the drop-down where this flow will be created.

By default, the dropdown will prefill with the current bot's name, allowing you to change it if needed.

To address the issue of reply settings failing:

  • The listing page will display the presence of a payload upfront for each flow.

  • On the flow edit page, the payload will be shown in an expanded format.

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