Broadcast Analytics and Report

Discover the power of Broadcast Analytics. Access insightful reports and easily resend broadcasts. Visit us today!

Overall Broadcast Analytics

Right after the broadcast is scheduled. You will be redirected to the following broadcast overview page. You can check the performances of other Broadcasts on this page.

You can see the data for past 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, weekly or monthly and you can select the custom range to see the broadcast data.

Broadcast Report and Repeat

Broadcast Report provide the data summary generated after sending out a broadcast, providing insights into its performance.

Repeat will resend the broadcast message.

Broadcast Report

To get the Broadcast Report, follow the below GIF:

Repeat Broadcast

To Repeat the Broadcast, follow the below GIF.

Broadcast Analytics

To View the Broadcast Analytics on Gallabox, follow the below GIF. You can see how many of your customers have seen, responded, reacted, clicked on the URL shared, or unsubscribed. These stats are important for you to figure out new strategies for broadcast.

You can also see how many message credits were used in the broadcast campaign under Credit Estimate.

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