Send Payment links via WhatsApp Chatbot using Stripe

The Stripe Bot Connector allows for seamless integration of Stripe payment processing into your bot-flow. Create payment links, add variables, and customize the interface to enhance user experience.


The Stripe Bot Connector allows seamless integration between Stripe payment processing service to facilitate real-time notifications and transactions processing through a simple, customizable interface.

Connect Stripe Account

  1. Under the connections, click on Stripe to start with the connection.

  1. Once you click on Stripe Connector, you will have the Action (Create Payment Link). Click on the Action and you will be asked to either create a New Connection or Select from an existing connection.

  1. To "Add New Connection", you will have to add the connection name and the API Key. Once you add the API Key, click on "Create Connection" to create a new Stripe connection.

To get the API key, go to your Stripe Account -> Developers -> API Keys -> Restricted Key -> +Create Restricted Key (Building your own Integration) -> provide the "Write" permission for Payment Links & Webhook Endpoints; "Read" permission for Customers, prices, and Invoices -> Create Key.

  1. The moment you click on Create Connection, you will be taken to the Action - Create Payment Link.

  1. You have to add the details or variables for Product, Pricing, Price Quantity, Customer Name, Customer Phone Number, and Payment URL. Click on save.

  1. The Stripe connector is ready to be used in the bot-flow. You can add the success and failure conditions and create a proper flow around the Stripe Connector.

The Stripe Bot connector seamlessly integrates payment processing into your bot-flow, enhancing the user experience with secure and efficient transactions.

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