Connect the Catalog with Meta

Connect Your Catalog with Meta Business Manager

To connect your catalog with Meta, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to your Business Manager using the link Scroll down the left navigation and choose WhatsApp Accounts under Accounts. Select the WhatsApp Account from the options (if you have more than 1 WhatsApp Account).

  1. Click on Settings under the selected WhatsApp Account. Click on WhatsApp Manager.

  1. Once the WhatsApp Manager opens up, from the left navigation click on Phone Number to double check if your number is connected. Move to click on Catalogue option below the Phone Number in the left navigation.

  1. Click on "Choose a Catalogue" button to open the drop-down for selecting the catalogue you would like to connect with the particular WhatsApp Number.

  1. From the drop-down either scroll down or type the name of the catalogue in the search bar to select the desired catalogue. Click on Connect to Connect the Catalogue with the WhatsApp Account.

  1. Once the Catalogue is connected, you have the option to Disconnect the Catalogue. Use this option only when you wish to connect another catalogue with the WhatsApp Account. In any other case, make sure the Catalogue stays connected.

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