Optimize your chat-flow with Gallabox's Delay Card feature, enabling you to add delays of minutes or hours for a smoother interaction. Ensure your session TTL is longer than the delay time.

There might be a situation when you would like to wait more than seconds for the user's response and then send the next message.

This is where the Delay Card in Gallabox comes into picture. You can add a delay of some minutes or hours.

For Instance, if you have asked the user for any document, it is recommend to use the Delay card after the Send card to keep the conversation flowing. Refer to the below screenshot for more clarity.

In the above screenshot, the flow is extended accordingly for and for conditions.

Like the example discussed above, you could use the Delay Card as per the chat-flow you are building.

When using Delay Card, please make sure the session TTL is always greater than the time in the Delay Card.

For Example, If the session TTL is kept 3 minutes, and the time in Delay is set as 15 minutes, then the chat-flow will follow the session TTL, meaning the chat will drop after 3 minutes.

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