Compliance Info

Get all the compliance info you need for WhatsApp API. Learn about handling customer complaints, feedback, and grievances effectively.

Compliance Info in WhatsApp API

Compliance Info in WhatsApp Business API refers to the information related to handling customer complaints, feedback, and grievances effectively. It includes details such as contact information for customer care and a designated grievance officer.

Here's why these components are important:

A. Personal Details:

  1. Name (Business' Legal Name): The business's legal name is essential for clear identification and legal purposes. It ensures transparency and trustworthiness in all business interactions.

  1. Business Type: The type of business defines the category and industry in which a business operates. This information is valuable for categorization, targeting, and user understanding.

B. Customer Details:

  1. E-mail: Providing a customer care email allows users to contact the business for queries, complaints, or inquiries. It offers a formal channel for communication and issue resolution.

  1. Mobile Number: A mobile number designated for customer care ensures that customers have a direct and accessible means of reaching out to the business for assistance. Mobile numbers are often used for WhatsApp communication, enhancing accessibility.

  1. Landline Phone Number: Including a landline phone number offers an alternative contact option for customers who may prefer traditional phone calls or need to reach the business through a different channel.

C. Grievance Office Details:

  1. Name (Grievance Officer): The name of the business's grievance officer is crucial for establishing a point of contact specifically responsible for addressing customer complaints and concerns. It adds a personal touch to grievance resolution.

  1. E-mail (Grievance Officer): The grievance officer's email is a formal means of communication to address customer grievances effectively. It ensures that customer concerns are properly documented and resolved.

  1. Mobile Number (Grievance Officer): Providing a mobile number for the grievance officer offers a direct and accessible line of communication for customers who may require immediate assistance with their complaints.

  1. Landline Phone Number (Grievance Officer): The inclusion of a landline phone number for the grievance officer provides an additional contact option, allowing customers to choose their preferred method of communication.

Complaint Info in WhatsApp Business API is crucial for ensuring effective complaint resolution, transparent customer communication, and maintaining trust and professionalism in business interactions.

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