Send Sequence of Messages to Facebook Leads

Take control of your Facebook Leads with Gallabox. Learn how to use Action in a Workflow to trigger a sequencing of messages. Follow our step-by-step guide and optimize your lead generation process.

Let's see how you can use Action in a Workflow to trigger a sequencing of the messages for your Facebook Leads.

  1. Go to Workflow under the Fb Integration. You click on Create New Workflow and select the desired FB page. Click on the Lead Ad Form that you want to use and then Pick a Template.

  1. After selecting the Template put appropriate variables like Recipient's Name and phone number.Make sure to map the variables in a right way. Know More about variables here.

  1. Go to Action and select the Action Type as Tags (Choose Update Contact tags) and choose the tag you want to update. Select the Operation you want to perform and click on Create Workflow.

  1. Go to Sequence in left navigation and search for the relevant sequence you want the customers to follow.

  1. Select the Trigger as On create or On update. Set the conditions as Tags, select Contains and Pick the tag you have selected in step 03.

  2. Then click on Publish & Close.

Know more about sequence feature in Gallabox here.

Congratulations! You have successfully added a sequence.

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