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What is Gallabox?

Gallabox is a purpose-built, no-code conversational commerce platform that helps small and medium-sized companies modernize and automate their customer conversations on WhatsApp by deploying ready-to-use workflows, to turn leads to deals and conversations to commerce.
We help you manage contacts and conversations from various channels and make it easier for you to respond through our collaborative dashboard. Using our shared inbox, team members can assign conversations, @mention through private notes, send template notifications to streamline sales, customer support, and marketing workflows while integrating with tools including eCommerce platforms and payment gateways to automate the customer journey with ease.


Shared Team Inbox

● Add your team members
● Assign / reassign Conversations
● Respond to customers with push notifications

Collaborative Work

● Add private notes
● @Mention team members
● Read through previous chats to understand the customer

Quick Replies

● Inbuilt canned Responses
● Create WhatsApp template messages
● Multi-lingual chat support

Customer Profiling

● Real-time responses
● Opportunity tags/labeling
● 360 view of customer conversations


● No-code Chatbot builder
● Rule-based engine
● Lead generation Bot

Easy Integration

Gallabox aligns and easily integrates with all your CRM and E-commerce platforms and pushes data both ways.

Get Started with Gallabox

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible:
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