Create WhatsApp Flow using JSON

Flows Builder: Simplify Flow management for developers. Edit Flow JSON with syntax highlighting, code formatting, and autocomplete. Access it via WhatsApp Manager.

Flows Builder

Flows Builder is where developers can manage their Flows. Developers can edit the Flow JSON of their Flows inside a code editor. The editor supports: syntax highlighting, code formatting, code folding, and basic autocomplete.

You can access the Flows Builder from WhatsApp Manager:

  1. Go to Flows from the left navigation in your Gallabox Account. Click on "Create New Flow". A pop-up will appear, click on "Create flow" and you will be redirected to your Facebook Business Manager.

  1. Under Account Tools in Facebook Business Manager, click on 'Flows'.

  1. On this page, you can see a list of the Flows in your WhatsApp Business Account. You can use the button on the top right to create a new Flow.

  1. When editing a Flow, you can use the code panel to configure the Flow JSON. Click Run to update the right-side preview panel with the code in the editor.

Sync the Template with Gallabox

If you are seeing the error, it means the channel you selected doesn't have permission for WhatsApp Flows. Kindly check your deployment option or select the right channel.

Once your flows are synced in your Gallabox account, the next step is to create a WhatsApp Template using Flow in Gallabox.

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