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Welcome to the WhatsApp Channel FAQ! Here, you'll find answers to common questions about using WhatsApp for business communications.

What is Quality Ratings in WhatsApp business messaging, and why is it important?

Quality Ratings are like a report card for your messages, based on how they are received by users. It's crucial for maintaining a good rating to ensure messages are helpful and not annoying.

Messaging Issues (Unregistered Number)

In the case of an unregistered number, please generate a support ticket, and we will address your concern within 8 hours.

To reconnect the number, a re-registration is required. To initiate this process, kindly raise a ticket, and our onboarding expert will assist you. Alternatively, we can send a 6-digit OTP to the number; please retrieve the OTP and share it with us.

How are Quality Ratings determined?

Quality Ratings are influenced by how users react to your messages. If people block or report your messages, your rating goes down.

What are Messaging Limits, and how do they work?

Messaging limits are rules that dictate how many people you can send messages to each day. There are five tiers, starting from Limited Access to Tier 4 with no limits.

How can I move up the Tiers in Messaging Limits?

Your business can move up to higher tiers by maintaining a high quality rating and messaging twice the number of users allowed at your current tier in a week.

What happens if my business gets flagged?

If your business gets flagged, you cannot move up to a higher tier. You'll need to go back to a connected status and then attempt the upgrade process again.

What are the best practices for WhatsApp Business communication?

Best practices include sending messages only to those who want to hear from you, making messages personal and useful, not sending too many messages in a day, and keeping messages clear and concise.

What is IP Restriction in Gallabox, and how can I configure it?

IP Restriction allows restricting access to specific whitelisted IP addresses. To configure, go to Settings, click on IP Address, and add the details of the IP address you want to whitelist.

What is an Official Business Account (OBA) on WhatsApp?

OBA is a recognition for brands, indicated by a green checkmark badge. It signifies authenticity and a well-known presence.

How can a business obtain Official Business Account status?

OBA status is not purchasable. It is conferred based on WhatsApp's criteria, including notability, a Meta Business ID, adherence to policies, and a Quality Tier 2 ranking.

What is a Welcome Message, and how can I set it up?

A Welcome Message is a personalized automated message for customer interactions. To set it up, choose a canned response in Configuration under WhatsApp Channel settings.

What is the "Assign To" feature in Gallabox, and how does it enhance productivity?

The "Assign To" feature in Gallabox allows you to assign conversations to specific team members, streamlining task management and collaboration. You can add a user by following the provided steps.

What are the benefits of using Assignment Rules in Gallabox?

Assignment Rules empower you to make informed decisions on conversation allocation, ensuring that each chat is directed to the right individual or automated entity. This streamlines customer support and engagement processes.

What is Complaint Info in WhatsApp API, and why is it important?

Complaint Info in WhatsApp API includes details for handling customer complaints, feedback, and grievances. It provides personal details, customer details, and grievance officer details to facilitate effective complaint resolution.

What is Channel Id and how to get it?

The alphanumeric code is a unique identifier assigned to every Gallabox Account. To get your Account's Channel Id, go to WhatsApp Channel under Settings. Below is the GIF for your reference:

How does Complaint Info contribute to effective complaint resolution in business?

Complaint Info ensures transparent customer communication, maintains trust, and adds professionalism to business interactions. It provides formal channels for customer complaints, feedback, and grievance handling.

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