Add Contact

Easily create contacts in Gallabox through single contact creation or bulk contact import. Follow simple steps to add details and upload contacts efficiently.

Contacts in Gallabox can be created through the below mentioned ways:

Single contact creation

To create a Single Contact, click on "Add New". A side window will open prompting you to add the details to create the contact - Name, Phone, email, Tags, and other contact details.

Bulk Contact Import

  1. To import contacts in Bulk to Gallabox, you have to click on Import and then "Import File".

  1. As a next step in the process, download a "sample file" for referencing. You can download the sample file either with Country Code or without Country Code.

If you are using the sample file without Country Code, your Gallabox Account will add the country code of the country your business is working in by default. To change your Business Country - Change the country in Account Details of your Gallabox Account.

  1. Once you have referred the sample file and created in the same format, you can upload that file to Gallabox. Once uploaded, rename the import file, select the Import type as "Add New Contacts".

The marketing opt-in option will remain Yes as default. You can also add the contact tags for the contacts you are uploading in Bulk.

  1. The next step is to map the contact fields you have on file with the Gallabox contact fields.

If you don't have any contact fields created on Gallabox, you can create it at that moment. Once mapped, click on Confirm and the contacts will be uploaded in Gallabox.

Contact Creation Date

Once you create a contact, the contact creation date will be visible. This field will not be listed in field collection or Column preference in contacts.

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