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Campaign Management Options

  • There are two available options for any sequence you are creating:
    • Save
    • Publish & Close

Saving the Campaign

If you haven't finished creating your sequence and need more time, no worries. Just click the "Save" button, and your sequence will be saved. You can continue making changes immediately or return to it later.

Publishing the Campaign

After making all the necessary changes and ensuring everything is set up, simply click "Publish & Close" to start sending messages to your customers. A pop-up will appear, and you can click "Confirm" to proceed.

Pause/ Resume Sequence

If you want to temporarily halt message delivery through a sequence, click the three dots and select "Pause." When you are ready to resume sending messages, simply click "Resume."
Please note that, once you pause no new users will enter the sequence nor any messages will be sent to the already-entered users.

Edit Published Sequence

To make changes to a sequence, click the three dots and select "View / edit," make your desired modifications, and then click "Publish & Close" to save your changes.

Delete sequence

To delete a sequence, simply click on the three dots and choose "Delete".
Once you delete the sequence, the change is irreversible and everything associated with the sequence will be deleted.
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