Automate your e-commerce journey by connecting Shopify with Gallabox. Set up cart abandonment messages, order confirmations, and COD workflows with ease.

Shopify Automation Overview

Integrating Shopify with Gallabox brings powerful automation to enhance your e-commerce experience. The messages are seamlessly managed through workflows, ensuring efficient communication with customers.

πŸ›’ Cart Abandonment Messages: Recover lost sales by setting up automated cart abandonment messages. Customize the timing and actions post-message to re-engage potential customers, updating tags or emails effortlessly.

πŸ›οΈ Order Confirmation and Updates: Ensure a smooth post-purchase journey by automating Order Confirmation, Delivery Updates, and Order Cancellations. Simplify the process with ready-to-use templates and personalized actions after sending messages.

πŸ’Ό COD Confirmation Workflow: Effortlessly handle Cash-on-Delivery orders with a two-step workflow. Automatically confirm orders in Gallabox, and seamlessly update the status in Shopify for a streamlined COD confirmation process.

πŸ€– Use Shopify Connector: Take control with a dedicated COD Confirmation Bot. Create flows to Confirm or Cancel orders, connecting directly with Shopify through the Gallabox Connector. Enhance customer engagement by sending messages based on their confirmation or cancellation.

By integrating Shopify with Gallabox, you will unlock a seamless e-commerce journey where automated workflows ensure timely and personalized communication at every stage of your customer's purchasing process.

Shopify Integration

Connect Shopify with Gallabox from your Gallabox Dashboard using the steps below.

  1. Click on the Integrations in the left navigation Pane of Gallabox. Choose Shopify from the Available apps and click on the Integration.

  1. Enter the shop URL in the given space and click on connect. The shop URL will look like this "<store_name>". For Instance, if your store's name is gallabox-integration-test-store; you will type in the space.

To get your Shop URL, look at the search bar or the browser and your shop URL will be after

You will be redirected to your Shopify store to grant permission for installing the Gallabox application. Once the application is installed, you will again be redirected to Shopify for the payment of $5 per month.

Please note:

  1. The above GIF was taken using a developer account. When you connect your Shopify with Gallabox, it will not show the message "This app hasn't been reviewed." As a result, you will be billed for the charges.

  2. If you reject the charge, Gallabox will display the status as declined.

  1. Even if the status is declined, users can still create workflows, but they will not be triggered.

  1. Your Shopify store will be connected with Gallabox. To start sending WhatsApp Messages, click on the channel you would like to use to send WhatsApp Messages. Click on "Update Configuration".

Your Shopify Store is connected with Gallabox.

Shopify Self-serve Widget

The self-service widget simplifies the process of automatically handling daily incoming queries. With this widget on your e-commerce store, customers can retrieve the information about their last order in just a few seconds, without needing external support.

It's super easy to set up, all you have to do is get the API key and secret key and share it with our team via email - with Subject - Shopify Self-Serve Widget.

Please refer to the animated guide below for a visual step-by-step process on how to retrieve your API and secret keys.

Prefer reading? Read our guide below πŸ‘‡

The guide will walk you through each necessary action within the Shopify admin panel to ensure you can easily acquire what you need for widget installation.

Steps to Obtain the API Key & Secret Key in Shopify

  1. In your Shopify Dashboard, click on Apps in the left navigation. Click on Apps and Channel Settings at the bottom of a pop-up.

  1. Click on 'Develop Apps', 'Create an App' and provide a name - Self Serve Widget for your app and click on Create app button.

  1. Go to API credentials, scroll down until you get the API Key & Secret. Copy those and share it to our support team via email on

By following these steps, you'll successfully enable the Self-serve Widget in your Shopify store, empowering your customers and enhancing their shopping experience.

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