Gallabox Broadcast

With Gallabox's Broadcast feature, sending messages, updates, and promotions to a large group of recipients has never been easier. Reach your audience with efficiency and ease.


One of the standout features that Gallabox brings to the table is its Broadcast functionality.

If you've ever wondered how to effortlessly send messages, updates, or promotions to a large group of recipients, you're in the right place. With Gallabox, the process of sending broadcast Messages is user-friendly, allowing you to reach your audience with ease and efficiency.

Broadcast Dashboard

The Broadcast Dashboard in Gallabox is your central hub for organizing, crafting, and monitoring the performance of your broadcast messages.

To change the WhatsApp Channel,

You can view the daily limit of sending the Broadcast Messages and the quality rating of your WhatsApp Number.

Create your first Broadcast

To create your first broadcast, click on Create Broadcast button on the top right side of the window.

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