Gallabox Conversations FAQs

Discover answers and solutions to common issues with conversation access, management, and functionality in our FAQs. Get insights for using this feature effectively.

Welcome to the FAQs for the Conversation Feature. Here, we provide answers and solutions to common issues related to conversation access, management, and functionality. Browse through to find helpful insights for effectively using this feature.

I am not able to see the user in the assignment list.

Check to see if the user is listed under the users list. If the user has not been added, add the user. If you have added the user already, make sure they have accepted the invite.

I am not able to resolve a conversation.

You can resolve the conversation only if it is assigned in your name.

Why cannot I see this conversation and I am getting an error message that I do not have access?

1. Please check if the chat/conversation is assigned in your name. 2. Please check your user & role access, if it is "member" the user can only view chats which are assigned to them. Note: If the user is mapped to a member access then the user can see only those chats which are assigned to them.

Where I can see the conversation of all my team members?

Please check whether your roles and responsibilities are mapped as admin or owner.

  • In the conversation page, on the left hand menu you will have a tab name called OPEN where you can see all your team members conversations.

  • The open conversations are listed based on the recent conversations of Gallabox user with the customers.

Why are all conversations assigned under one Agent?
  • Check the API details of the automated template messages to see if only that agent's name is mentioned. If yes, please change the type to "notification".

  • Check whether while using google sheet broadcasting you have mentioned assignee as that agent.

  • Check under bot actions whether you have assigned the action under that agent's name.

We have integrated our platform and sending automated template messages, but we are not able to see the messages in the conversation list. How can I know if it has been delivered or not?
  1. There are two options under the analytics tab- Notifications and Failed messages.

  1. Under notification messages, you will be able to see all the delivered messages along with read status. Under failed message tab, you will see all the failed messages along with the reasons.

Note:- Please note that the analytics can be viewed only by the users who are mapped as "admin" or "owner."

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