Discover how to seamlessly integrate Leadsquared CRM with Gallabox by following easy steps.

Before integrating Leadsquared CRM, make sure you are on Pro Plan or above. If not, click here.

To connect your Leadsquared account with Gallabox follow the below steps:

Generate User Id and Password

  1. From the left navigation go to Integration and Click on LeadSquared from the available apps.

  1. Click on Connect and provide a name for the integration and click on Submit.

  1. Select Channel Name that you would like to connect with your Leadsquared account and click on Update Configure. You can also Enable the toggle for LeadSquared Converse.

You will get the Namespace ID, User Name and Password which has to be used in the further steps along with the Webhook URL.

Install and Configure WhatsApp Extension on your Leadsquared Account

  1. Once the connector is installed, add and configure your WhatsApp phone numbers to the connector.



WhatsApp Business Number

Select the country code, and provide your WhatsApp business number associated with Gallabox. This field is mandatory.

Account Name

Provide a relevant name for your connector. This field is mandatory.

Allow Lead Generation on incoming message

Lead Source

From the dropdown, select a lead source for your leads. If any lead is received with the Source, this option will be selected.

Once youโ€™re done, click Next.

  1. From the available options, choose WhatsApp Client and click on the button - "Next" to configure the Gallabox.

  1. For Authentication, paste the right details.



Client Base URL

Paste the Webhook URL generated in your Gallabox Account.

WhatsApp Number

WhatsApp number connected to Gallabox.


The User Id generated in your Gallabox Account.


The password generated in your Gallabox Account.

Once youโ€™re done pasting all the details, click Next.

  1. Move ahead to filling up the details for Converse Settings. You can turn the toggle on for Converse Settings if you would like to use Leadsquared Converse instant messaging feature to have real-time conversations with your leads via WhatsApp.

Under User Access, grant permissions to users who can communicate with leads through the LeadSquared Converse.

  • Based on Role โ€“ From the Search and Select Users dropdown, select the LeadSquared user roles that can send messages through LeadSquared Converse.

  • Advanced (User Level) โ€“ Based on the value entered in the selected user Boolean field (e.g., for the user Sam, the โ€œIs Employeeโ€ user field contains the value โ€œYesโ€), the user will be able to send messages through LeadSquared Converse. From the Select User Field dropdown, select a relevant Boolean field.

Functionality โ€“ The following additional settings must be configured โ€“

  • Approved Templates โ€“ Enable this functionality to allow your users to send approved WhatsApp templates to your leads.

  • Unapproved Templates โ€“ Enable this functionality to allow your users to send unapproved WhatsApp templates to your leads. These can only be sent if the 24-hours service window is active.

  • Notify Lead Owner* โ€“ When enabled, only lead owners will get notifications of the WhatsApp messages a lead sends. When disabled, all logged-in users will receive notifications of these WhatsApp messages.

  • Sending Rich Media โ€“ Enable this functionality to allow your users to send media files in the WhatsApp messages.

  1. In Advanced Settings, you must map โ€“

  • Activity Mapping โ€“ A LeadSquared activity field to your WhatsApp messages. This is the activity that will be posted every time a WhatsApp message is sent or received.

  • Default WhatsApp Number Fields โ€“ The number you set as the default phone number will be automatically selected when youโ€™re sending a WhatsApp message to a lead. You can also select other numbers that are available from the Add Another Number dropdown.

  • Default Country Code โ€“ The default country code will be used to send messages to a phone number thatโ€™s stored in a custom field, if no country code is listed.

  • Compliance Type โ€“ Here, you can select the compliance type for the WhatsApp template, by choosing either WhatsApp Opt-out or Opt-in.

  • WhatsApp Opt-out โ€“ From the dropdown, select a lead field for the WhatsApp opt-in/opt-out functionality. Your leads can opt-in or out of receiving WhatsApp messages on the basis of this field.

Make sure to turn the Toggle Off for Enable HSM before saving.

Hurrah! Your Leadsquared account is connected to Gallabox.

LeadSquared WhatsApp Template

  1. From the top navigation bar, click on Apps and from the drop-down select WhatsApp Templates and click on Add Template.

  1. If you have connected more than 1 WhatsApp API Accounts, choose the right WhatsApp Account from the drop-down as shown in the GIF below.

  1. Provide the Name for the template (the same name as in your Gallabox account), Namespace ID and add the Content (the message body in Gallabox). Click on Save. Follow the below GIF.

Pro Tip: Open the Gallabox Templates window & LeadSquared Integration (in Gallabox) in adjacent tabs for easy pasting.

If your message template is a media template, make sure to select & upload the same media file as you did in Gallabox.

In the content for the message, you can add the variables where ever necessary.

Hereโ€™s what a message may look like โ€“

โ€œWelcome {{1}}. We look forward to serving you on WhatsApp.โ€

And hereโ€™s a sample order confirmation message (order_confirmation can be the message name) โ€“

โ€œYour order {{2}} for a total of {{3}} is confirmed. The expected delivery is {{3}}.โ€

In the above example, Variables (e.g., {{2}}, {{3}}) can later be replaced using Leadsquared mail merge fields like Order Id and Order Amount respectively.

Leadsquared Converse

LeadSquared Converse is an all-in-one platform for communicating with potential customers across different channels, immediately. When you combine it with Gallabox, you get to enjoy more advanced ways to talk to people, such as:

  • Send and receive WhatsApp Messages.

  • View WhatsApp conversations in the context of a lead.

  • Eliminate the need to switch between Gallabox and other applications to converse with your leads.

  • Get real-time notifications for messages sent by leads.

  • Send content-rich WhatsApp Templates, with multi-language and emoji support.

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