Channel Settings

Easily manage read receipts, WhatsApp Catalog, and WhatsApp Cart settings from Channel Settings. Customize read receipts, enable WhatsApp Catalog, and control cart options effortlessly.

You can manage the Receipts, WhatsApp Catalog, and WhatsApp Cart right from the Channel Settings.

Read Receipts

Read receipts indicate whether a recipient has read your message, and it lets you know through two blue ticks on WhatsApp. Luckily, Gallabox allows you to toggle this setting ON or OFF.

By default the toggle will be ON. If you would like your customers not be able to indicate whether you (as a Business) have read their message or not, all you got to do is turn this setting OFF. Don't worry! even when the settings in OFF, you (as a Business) will be able to see if they have read your message or not.

WhatsApp Catalog Option

If you enable this option, the catalog storefront icon and catalog-related buttons appear in the WhatsApp conversation and business profile views respectively as shown by labels in the picture below:

  1. Storefront icon in a WhatsApp Conversation

  2. Catalog Message in WhatsApp Conversation view

  3. Catalog Icon on Business Profile

  4. See All Products Option in Business Profile.

Carts in WhatsApp Business Profile

Customers can add a product to their cart, or change quantities directly from the list or the product details page. If you enable this option, cart-related buttons appear in the conversation, catalog, and product details views. The labels:

  1. View Cart button in a Conversation View

  2. Instant cart Access in a Conversation view

  3. Quantity Notification in Catalog view

  4. Amend the Quantity in Catalog View

  5. View Cart Button in Catalog View

  6. Quantity Notification in Details view

  7. Add to cart Option in Details View

When you disable it, your customers can see products and their details, but all cart-related buttons (labeled above) will not appear in any view.

Shopping Cart Experience

After viewing your products, a customer can add them to their shopping cart and send that cart back to you (Your Business). On WhatsApp, a shopping cart:

  • Is unique to a person/business chat thread in a specific device: Only one cart is created per chat thread between customer and business and carts do not persist across multiple devices. Once a cart is sent, the customer can open another cart with the business and start the process again.

  • Has no expiration date: The cart persists in the chat thread until it is sent to the business. Once sent, the cart is cleared.

Customers can add up to 99 units (quantity) of each single catalog item to a shopping cart, but there is no limit on the number of distinct items that can be added to a cart.

Once a cart has been sent, no edits can be made. Customers can send a new cart if they need new items, or would like to change their order. Businesses cannot send carts to customers.

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