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Discover how to send broadcasts using Google Sheets in Gallabox. Follow the guide to access Google Sheets and configure your Gallabox account in Google Sheet to share messages with your contacts.

You can also use Google Sheets to send broadcasts in Gallabox, apart from using the built-in Broadcast feature.

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Access Google Sheets from your Gallabox Account

  1. From the left navigation go to Integration and Click on Google Sheets from the available apps. You will be redirected to Make a Copy of the Google Sheet.

  1. Click on Make a Copy and rename the Google Sheet from Copy of Gallabox WhatsApp Broadcast v221010.0 to your desired name. Then, start adding the contact details for the broadcast.

  1. Once you have added the contact details like Name and the phone number, click on the Gallabox icon as shown in the below screenshot. Then click on WhatsApp Broadcast.

  1. You will be prompted to authorize the Gmail account linked with your Gallabox account. Click Continue, then select Advanced. Click Gallabox WhatsApp Unsafe to proceed. Grant the necessary permissions to your Google account.

Configure the Gallabox Account in Google Sheet

  1. Once you have permission, click the Gallabox icon again, then select WhatsApp Broadcast. Enter your Gallabox email and password, then click Submit.

  1. To configure your account with your API Secret and API Key, click on Account Config. You will be prompted to choose the number and add the corresponding details.

If you have multiple phone numbers, they will be listed. Choose the number you want to use for the broadcast.

  1. After pasting the API Key and API Secret, return to Home in the pop-up and click Run Once or Run on Edit under Run Broadcast to share messages with the contacts listed in the Google Sheet.


Run Once

Select this option to send the broadcast only once.

Run on Edit

Select this option if you are using Google Sheets for your broadcast campaigns. When a field, such as a WhatsApp number, is updated in the Google Sheet, the broadcast will be sent to that customer.

By following these steps, you can efficiently automate your broadcast messages using Google Sheets.

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