Connect Shopflo with Gallabox to recover abandoned carts by sending automated WhatsApp messages. Follow the integration steps carefully to set up the process.

Connecting with Shopflo

Connecting Shopflo with Gallabox helps you recover abandoned carts. By merging these platforms, you can easily send automated follow-up WhatsApp messages to customers who left items in their carts.

Shopflo Integration

To integrate Shopflo with Gallabox, follow these steps carefully:

  1. Go to Integrations in the left navigation. Hover on Shopflo Integration from the available applications and click on the application.

  1. Click on "Connect". Enter the desired Integration Name and submit.

  1. Copy the Webhook URL. In your Shopflo dashboard, go to Settings. Select Integrations, choose Abandoned Cart Webhooks.

  1. Enable the Webhook Tracking and add the Webhook Configuration. Paste the Webhook URL under the Webhook Configuration and enable it. Click on Save.

  1. In your Gallabox Dashboard, choose the desired WhatsApp Channel for this Integration and click on 'Update Configuration'.

You can now create workflow to recover Abandoned Cart.

Abandoned Checkout Workflow

You can use this workflow to send payment status notifications to your customers via your official WhatsApp number. To set this workflow:

  1. Click on 'Use' besides the Abandoned Checkout Workflow.

  1. Select the WhatsApp template you'd like to use to help customers recover their abandoned carts. Map the variables (if any) for the Template.

Here is an example of personalized template with placeholders for all the available variables:

Hi {{Full Name}},

Thank you for your order! Here are the details:

Total Price: {{Total Price}}

Order Items: {{Order Items}}

You can complete your purchase using the link below:

({{Checkout URL}}?token={{Checkout Token}})

Thank you for shopping with us!

  1. Click on Add Action. Choose the action you would like the workflow to perform after sending the message like Updating contact tags, conversation tags, or contact email and so on. Click on 'Create Workflow'.

Disable Workflow

To disable a workflow, go to the Workflows tab and toggle the Status switch to Off.

These steps help you create, customize, and manage automated workflows to enhance user engagement and streamline processes.

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