Gallabox Contact Glossary

Discover Gallabox, the centralized hub for businesses to efficiently manage and utilize customer data. Simplify contact management for effective communication.

Managing contacts is a crucial aspect of effective communication, and Gallabox provides a centralized hub for businesses to maintain and utilize customer data efficiently.

Now, let's delve into the key terms to understand contacts in more detail.

Bulk Contact Import

The process of importing multiple contacts into Gallabox at once.

Column Preferences

The ability to rearrange contact fields in the order you prefer.

Contact Owner

The Gallabox user who is responsible for managing a particular contact.

Contact Tags

Labels that can be applied to contacts to organize and track them.

Marketing Opt-in

A setting that indicates whether a contact has opted in to receive marketing messages from your business.

Sample File

A file that contains example contact information in the format required for Gallabox imports.

Simple Import

A method of importing contacts into Gallabox that allows you to upload only one tag along with the contact information.

Single Contact Creation

The process of creating a single contact in Gallabox.

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