Conversation Report

Get a comprehensive overview of your past conversations with our detailed report. Track conversation status, analyze trends, and easily locate specific conversations with filtering options.

This feature provides a detailed overview of past conversations. The columns in the report present the following information:

  1. CREATED AT: The date when the conversation was initiated.

  2. NAME: The name of the person or contact involved in the conversation.

  3. PHONE: The phone number of the contact, if available.

  4. TAGS: Any tags associated with the conversation for easy categorization.

  5. ASSIGN TO: The Gallabox user to whom the conversation is assigned.

  6. STATUS: The current status of the conversation (e.g., Open or Close).

  7. LAST MESSAGE: The last message exchanged in the conversation.

  8. RESOLVED AT: The date and time when the conversation was marked as resolved, if applicable.

  9. LAST MESSAGE DATE: The date of the last message exchanged in the conversation.

This report allows you to review and analyze your past conversations, helping you track their status and identify trends or patterns in your communication with customers or contacts.

Filter the Report

You have the option to filter messages based on criteria such as the assigned user, status, creation date, and conversation tags. This feature enables you to refine and organize your message list, making it easier to locate specific conversations.

Export the Report

You have the capability to export the conversation report. This means you can save and retrieve the conversation report in a different format or location for your convenience or further analysis.

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