Enhance Chatbot with ElevenLabs AI Voice Synthesis

Enable personalized voice messages using ElevenLabs' technology, enhancing engagement and efficiency in communication.


Integrating ElevenLabs with Gallabox enhances customer service by enabling personalized voice messages via ElevenLabs' technology on Gallabox. This combination improves engagement, efficiency, and scalability in communication, elevating the customer experience.

Connect ElevenLabs

  1. Under Connections, click on ElevenLabs to start the connection.

  1. Once you click on ElevenLabs Connector, you will have the Action (Text to Speech). Click on the Action and you will be asked to either create a New Connection or Select from an existing connection.

  1. To "Add New Connection", you will have to add the connection name and your ElevenLabs API Key. Once you add the API Key, click on "Create Connection" to create a new ElevenLabs connection.

To get the API key, go to your ElevenLabs Account -> Profile -> Profile + API Key -> Copy Key.

Using the ElevenLabs Connector

  1. The moment you click on Create Connection, you will be taken to the Action - Text to Speech.

  1. In this action, we have 2 mandatory fields and 4 optional fields.

Mandatory Field NameMandatory Field Description

Choose from a variety of pre-made voices to personalize the speech output according to your preferences. To know more about the voice, refer the link.


Enter the text which you would like to convert to speech. You can also use a variable to make it more personalized.

Now the optional fields,

Optional Field NameOptional Field Description

Each model has its unique features, strengths, and languages it can support. You can choose from these models: English v1, Multilingual v1, Multilingual v2, and Turbo v2.

Optimize Streaming Latency

You can make the AI work faster, but it might not be as precise. You can use any one of the five settings for speeding it up:

0 = Standard Speed: No changes, it works as usual.

1 = A Bit Faster: Makes it around half as fast as the maximum speed setting.

2 = Faster: Close to three-quarters of the maximum speed.

3 = Fastest: The AI works at top speed.

4 = Ultra Fast: The quickest setting, but it might not say numbers and dates correctly.

Similarity Boost

This determines how similar the AI's replicated voice should be to the original voice. Can be juggled between 0 -100%.


This controls how consistent the voice sounds and how much it varies with each new output. Under 30% may lead to instability

  1. Fill up the details. The ElevenLabs connector is ready to be used in the bot-flow. You can add the success and failure conditions and create a proper flow around the Stripe Connector.

The ElevenLabs Bot connector brings AI voice synthesis to your chatbot, making conversations more realistic with customizable voices. This creates a more engaging experience for users.

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