Zoho Books

Connect Zoho Books with your Gallabox Account and integrate your data seamlessly. Follow the step-by-step process to establish a successful integration between Zoho Books and Gallabox.

If you are on a Premium plan or above for Zoho Books, this integration will be possible. If you don't have any plan for Zoho Books, click here.

Connect Zoho Books with your Gallabox Account

  1. Navigate to Integrations in Gallabox. Under Available Integrations, hover to Zoho Books and click on "Connect".

  1. Once the Integration Space opens up, click on "Connect" on the right side. You will be redirected to Zoho Books Sign-up page. Use the right credentials for your Zoho Books Account.

  1. Provide the permissions to READ,CREATE,UPDATE,DELETE your Zoho Books data in Gallabox to proceed further. Click on "Accept". You will be redirected back to Gallabox.

  1. Once on the Zoho Books Integration space on Gallabox, select the Channel you would like to connect with Zoho Books and Click on "Update Configuration". You will get a Authorization Token to be pasted in "Zoho Books Extension".

  1. Click on the link for Zoho Books Extension and you will be directed to Installation page for Zoho Books. Select your Organization from the dropdown, agree to the Terms & Conditions, and click on "Next". You will be taken to a page where you have to paste the authorization token from Gallabox Integration Space.

  1. Copy the Authorization token from Gallabox and paste it on the Zoho Books Installation Page. Click on "Install Extension".

  1. Go back to Gallabox's Integration Space and click on the button provided. Once you do, you will get your organization details (Email, Name, and Organization ID) confirming successful Integration.

Now you can go to Workflows and start configuring the WhatsApp Templates for the Zoho Books components.

Every Gallabox account can only be integrated with one Zoho Books account.

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