Gallabox Integration FAQs

Streamline Gallabox integration with third-party applications for efficient workflows. FAQs on enhancing functionality.

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about integrating third-party applications with Gallabox, focusing on enhancing functionality and automating workflows. Learn how to navigate your integrations to optimize your Gallabox experience.


I cannot find the Cart Abandoned workflow in Gallabox. Where should I look?

Navigate to the Integration section on your Gallabox dashboard, click on the Integrated Shopify Application, and go to Workflow. Under Workflows, find Cart Abandoned and click on Use.

Can I customize actions after sending a Cart Abandonment message?

Yes, after selecting the time delay, click on Add Action to choose actions like updating contact tags, conversation tags, or contact email based on your preferences.

What is the process for COD Confirmation in Shopify Integration with Gallabox?

First, create a workflow in Gallabox for COD Confirmation. Second, create a Bot in Gallabox with a flow named Confirm order and use the Shopify Connector to handle order status.

What happens after a customer confirms or cancels a COD order using Gallabox?

The status is sent back to Shopify through Gallabox Connector, ensuring accurate and updated order information in your Shopify account.

How can I track the success of my workflows and messages in Gallabox for Shopify Integration?

Gallabox provides analytics and session logs, offering insights into customer interactions, drop-off points, and the effectiveness of your automated workflows.

I have integrated Shopify with Gallabox. Do I need separate workflows for different order statuses?

Yes, you can create distinct workflows for various order statuses like Cart Abandoned, Order Confirmation, Delivery Updates, and Order Cancellations.

How do I perform additional actions after sending cart abandonment messages in the workflow?

After creating the cart abandonment workflow, click on "Add Action" and choose the action you want the workflow to perform post-message, such as updating contact tags, conversation tags, or contact email.

Can you guide me through the process of setting up a workflow for Cash on Delivery (COD) confirmation in Shopify using Gallabox?

Firstly, create a workflow for COD confirmation in Gallabox. Then, go to Bots, create a Bot named COD Confirmation, and add a flow named Confirm order. In Connectors, choose Shopify, select the Replace Order tag action, and configure the Order Id variable. Save, and you can now send messages to customers after they confirm COD orders.

How can I handle COD order cancellations in Shopify using Gallabox?

Similar to the COD confirmation flow, create a flow for Cancel order under the COD Confirmation Bot in Gallabox. This way, when a customer confirms or cancels a COD order, the status will be sent back to Shopify.

What should I do if I encounter errors in Shopify Integration logs in Gallabox?

If you see errors in Shopify Integration logs, first, check if the template you're sending is approved. Ensure that variables are mapped correctly. For detailed error information, click on the error link.


How can I automate Refund Notifications for WooCommerce orders using Gallabox?

To automate Refund Notifications, go to Integration on Gallabox, select Integrated WooCommerce Application, navigate to workflow, and use the Order Refunded Workflow.

What happens if I encounter issues while mapping variables for Refund Notifications in the workflow?

If you face issues with variable mapping, review the template and ensure that placeholders of variables match the WooCommerce data. If problems persist, contact Gallabox support for assistance.

Is it possible to customize the content of Order Completion Notifications for WooCommerce orders in Gallabox?

Yes, you can customize Order Completion Notifications. Go to workflow in WooCommerce Integration on Gallabox, use the Order Completed Workflow.

What role do WhatsApp Buttons play in personalized shopping experiences for customers?

WhatsApp Buttons offer customers interactive choices. Based on their responses, automated paths are triggered, providing personalized shopping assistance and enhancing the overall experience.

What should I do if customers are not receiving Order Completion Notifications as expected?

Ensure that the workflow is correctly set up with the Order Completed Workflow template, and variables are accurately mapped. Check WooCommerce settings to confirm that order completion triggers are active.

How can I troubleshoot issues with automated workflows in WooCommerce Integration on Gallabox?

If facing issues, review the logs. Under status column you will find the Error explanation. If there is any problem with variables, you check variable mappings. If you are not able to understand the reason, contact Gallabox support for assistance.

Is it possible to pause or temporarily disable automated workflows in WooCommerce Integration on Gallabox?

Yes, you can pause or disable workflows temporarily. Go to workflow and switch the Toggle button Off.

What do I do if the WooCommerce connection with Gallabox is not successful?

Ensure that you are logged in on WooCommerce in a separate browser window during the connection process. Double-check the shop URL and retry the connection.

What should I do if the connection between WooCommerce and Gallabox is approved, but workflows are not functioning?

Ensure that the workflows are activated. If issues persist, check the variables mapping in the workflows, and confirm that the selected message templates are appropriate.

What are the WhatsApp Buttons for Personalized Shopping Help in WooCommerce workflows?

Customers can choose options like "Got it," "Thanks," or "Need Assistance." Each choice initiates an automated chat, providing personalized assistance based on the customer's selection.

How do I troubleshoot if WhatsApp Buttons for Personalized Shopping Help are not working as expected in WooCommerce workflows?

Check the workflow configuration in Gallabox, ensuring that the payload is correctly linked to corresponding automated chats.

Can I customize the content of WhatsApp Buttons in WooCommerce workflows?

Yes, you can customize the content of WhatsApp Buttons in the Gallabox workflow settings. Edit the automated chats linked to each button for tailored customer interactions.

What happens if a customer's reply does not match any of the WhatsApp Button options in WooCommerce workflows?

If a customer provides a response that doesn't match any predefined options, you can set up a default automated chat in Gallabox to guide them or offer assistance based on their input.

What should I do if I encounter errors in the Logs section in WooCommerce workflows?

Check if the templates are approved, and ensure proper mapping of variables. For detailed error information, click on the error link in the Logs section to identify and resolve the issue.

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

Can I use an existing connection created for WooCommerce when integrating Cart Flow with Gallabox?

Yes, if you already have a connection set up for WooCommerce, you can use the existing connection when connecting Cart Flow in Gallabox.

What is the purpose of the Webhook URL generated during Cart Flow integration in Gallabox?

The Webhook URL generated in Gallabox is crucial for communication between Cart Flow and Gallabox. It needs to be added in your WordPress account to enable the seamless integration of Cart Abandonment Recovery.

Is it necessary to enable tracking for Cart Abandonment in WooCommerce, and how can I configure it?

Enabling tracking is essential for Cart Abandonment. In WooCommerce settings, check the box for "Start capturing abandonment carts," set the time for abandoned carts, and disable tracking for specific statuses if needed.

What should I do if the Trigger Sample status shows "Trigger Failed" during Cart Flow setup in WooCommerce?

Even if the Trigger Sample status shows "Trigger Failed," it does not impact the functionality of the webhook. Your webhook will still work correctly after saving the settings. Proceed to click "Save Changes" for the plugin to become active.

What actions should I take if the Cart Flow plugin is not working as expected in WooCommerce?

Check your configuration settings, ensure the Webhook URL is correctly added, and verify the tracking and status settings. If issues persist, contact support for further assistance.


What should I do if WhatsApp messages are not being sent as expected in my HubSpot workflow?

If messages are not sending, double-check the trigger conditions, and ensure that contact details and variables are correctly mapped. Review HubSpot logs for any error messages.

How can I ensure that WhatsApp messages are sent to the correct contacts in my HubSpot workflow?

Use the Contact Token feature in HubSpot to select and match the correct contact details, such as the WhatsApp Phone Number, ensuring messages are sent to the intended recipients.

What triggers can I choose when creating a workflow in HubSpot to send WhatsApp messages using Gallabox?

HubSpot provides various triggers like Contact-based, Deal-based, or Company-based. You can select the one that suits your workflow. Follow the detailed guide for setting up triggers provided in the HubSpot interface.

What should I do if WhatsApp messages are not being sent as expected in my HubSpot workflow?

If messages are not sending, double-check the trigger conditions, and ensure that contact details and variables are correctly mapped. Review logs in Gallabox for any error messages and amend accordingly.


Can I send WhatsApp messages automatically when a lead is created in Kylas CRM?

Yes, you can automate WhatsApp messages using Gallabox and Kylas CRM. Follow the workflow setup in Kylas CRM to trigger messages when a lead is created.

What is the purpose of the webhook in Kylas CRM workflows for WhatsApp messages?

The webhook is used to integrate Gallabox with Kylas CRM. It acts as a bridge to send information and trigger WhatsApp messages. Ensure correct setup, including API key and secret.

Can I customize the parameters for WhatsApp messages in Kylas CRM workflows?

Yes, you can add parameters like channelId, templateName, recipientName, and recipientPhones, depending on your message template. Ensure to follow the defined variables in your Gallabox account.

How do I troubleshoot if the lead details are not being pushed to Gallabox as expected?

Ensure that the webhook is correctly set up with the right API key and secret. Check Gallabox logs for any error messages.


What information do I need to configure the WhatsApp template in Zoho for new lead automation?

When configuring the WhatsApp template in Zoho for new lead automation, provide details such as Template Name, Recipient Name, Phone Number, and map the Zoho fields to variables in Gallabox.

Are there any pro tips for ensuring a seamless Zoho-Gallabox integration?

Follow the provided GIFs and step-by-step instructions for Zoho-Gallabox integration. Pay attention to case-sensitive parameters, and copy-paste data accurately.

Can I create multiple Zoho workflows for different purposes, such as sending different messages based on lead attributes?

Yes, you can create multiple Zoho workflows for different purposes. Define conditions and actions according to your requirements, allowing for personalized and targeted messaging based on lead attributes.

What should I do if I encounter issues with Zoho workflows not triggering WhatsApp messages in Gallabox?

Check the webhook configurations in Zoho, ensuring the URL and parameters are correct. Verify the Gallabox API key and secret in Zoho connections. If issues persist, contact Gallabox support for troubleshooting assistance.

How frequently do Zoho-Gallabox workflows run, and is there a way to control the timing of automated actions?

Zoho-Gallabox workflows trigger based on defined conditions. For immediate actions, set triggers accordingly.

Are there any limitations or considerations when using media elements like images or buttons in Zoho-Gallabox WhatsApp messages?

While Zoho and Gallabox support media elements, verify that WhatsApp templates and Zoho workflow configurations align. Follow best practices for adding media elements to ensure compatibility and desired presentation in WhatsApp messages.


I have installed the WhatsApp Messaging Connector in Leadsquared, but I can't configure it. What could be the issue?

In the Apps Marketplace or under the Messaging tab, find WhatsApp Business Connector and click Install. Hover over and click Configure. Add and configure your WhatsApp numbers. If facing issues, verify authentication details during configuration.

I have completed the Leadsquared integration, but WhatsApp messages are not being sent. What could be the problem?

Confirm that you've mapped the right details during WhatsApp Extension configuration in Leadsquared. Double-check Converse Settings, including user access, functionality, and advanced settings. Ensure your templates are correctly added to Gallabox and Leadsquared.

I am encountering difficulties with Leadsquared not notifying lead owners of WhatsApp messages. How can I fix this?

In Converse Settings, ensure Notify Lead Owner is enabled. If disabled, all logged-in users receive notifications. Verify activity mapping and default WhatsApp number fields in Advanced Settings. Double-check compliance type and opt-in/opt-out settings.

How can I add variables to WhatsApp message content in Leadsquared templates?

In WhatsApp message content, add variables where necessary. For example, use {{1}}, {{2}}, etc., and later replace them with Leadsquared mail merge fields like Order ID and Order Amount. This allows dynamic content customization.

What should I do if I am unable to save the Leadsquared integration due to issues with the HSM toggle?

If facing issues with the HSM toggle, ensure it is turned off before saving. HSM (Highly Structured Messages) may not be applicable to your scenario. Verify other settings in Advanced Settings, including activity mapping and default country code.

I have followed all the steps, but my Leadsquared account is not connected to Gallabox. How can I resolve this?

Double-check each step in the integration process. Ensure you've generated the correct User ID and Password, configured the WhatsApp Extension in Leadsquared accurately, and created templates with matching details in both Gallabox and Leadsquared. If issues persist, review error messages or contact support for assistance.

What should I do if the WhatsApp message is not being sent automatically to new leads in Leadsquared?

Check the automation settings in Leadsquared, ensuring the New Lead trigger is correctly configured. Verify that the selected WhatsApp template is available and correctly pasted from Gallabox in Leadsquared.

What steps should I take if Lead Update Notifications are not working as expected in Leadsquared?

Review the automation for Lead Update in Leadsquared. Ensure the trigger and selected lead field are correct. Confirm that the WhatsApp template used is available and accurately copied from Gallabox to Leadsquared.

What steps should I follow if List-Based WhatsApp Messages are not being triggered in Leadsquared?

Verify the automation for List-Based WhatsApp Messages in Leadsquared. Check the Lead Added to list trigger and selected list. Confirm the WhatsApp template used and ensure it is correctly copied from Gallabox to Leadsquared.

Can I use different WhatsApp templates for different automation scenarios in Leadsquared?

Yes, you can use different WhatsApp templates for different automation scenarios in Leadsquared.

How can I review the delivery status of WhatsApp messages triggered by automations in LeadSquared?

To review the delivery status, check the activity logs or reports in LeadSquared for the specific automation. Confirm the trigger, lead field, and WhatsApp template. Ensure templates are accurately copied from Gallabox to LeadSquared.


I have added the ShipRocket webhook in Gallabox, but the integration is not working. What should I check?

Double-check the accuracy of the Webhook URL and Webhook Secret in both Gallabox and ShipRocket. Ensure that there are no extra spaces or characters. Test the webhook in ShipRocket to verify its functionality and save it to establish a successful connection.

What should I do if the ShipRocket integration is not connecting with Gallabox even after following all the steps?

Confirm that the ShipRocket API user is created successfully, and the credentials are correctly provided in Gallabox. Ensure the channel name is selected during configuration, and the webhook details are accurately pasted in ShipRocket.

Can I use the same email for the ShipRocket API user as the one used to register on ShipRocket?

No, it's recommended to use a different email for the ShipRocket API user than the one used for registration.

Can I connect multiple ShipRocket accounts to a single Gallabox account?

Yes, Gallabox allows you to connect multiple ShipRocket accounts. When connecting, ensure that you provide the relevant API Email & Password for the specific ShipRocket account you want to integrate.

What do I do if ShipRocket is not recognizing the webhook URL and Secret from Gallabox during setup?

If ShipRocket is not recognizing the webhook, double-check the accuracy of the URL and Secret pasted from Gallabox. Make sure there are no typos or extra characters. Additionally, ensure that the webhook is saved and active in ShipRocket.

Can I connect Gallabox with ShipRocket without creating a separate API user?

No, a separate API user is required for ShipRocket integration. This ensures secure and authorized communication between Gallabox and ShipRocket. Follow the steps to create an API user in ShipRocket as outlined in the provided instructions.

How can I confirm that the ShipRocket API user is successfully created before connecting it in Gallabox?

In ShipRocket, navigate to Settings => API => Configure. If the API user is successfully created, you'll see it listed. Confirm that the email used for the API user is different from the one used for ShipRocket registration.

Can I use the same API user for multiple ShipRocket accounts?

No, it's recommended to create a unique API user for each ShipRocket account. Each API user is associated with a specific account to maintain a secure and distinct integration.


I have selected a template for Order Pickup Notifications, but the workflow is not updating. What should I do?

Ensure that after picking the template, you've mapped the variables correctly. Click on "Done" and then update the workflow. If the issue persists, check the Shipway logs for any error messages that might provide insights into the problem.

I am not receiving Delivery Updates Notifications. What could be the issue?

Ensure that the shipment status (e.g., Order Out for Delivery) is being updated in your Shipway account. Also Confirm that you've selected the correct template, mapped the variables, and updated the workflow after choosing the template.

How can I perform a Workflow Functionality Check in Shipway Integration with Gallabox?

Open the Shipway Integration window and click on "Logs." If the logs are empty, it indicates that shipment status updates (e.g., Order delivered, Order Picked Up, or Order Out for Delivery) haven't been initiated. Once you start updating the status, the logs will populate.

What does it mean if I see Error logs in the Shipway Integration logs?

If you encounter Error logs, check the following:

  • Ensure that the selected template is approved.

  • Verify that the variables are mapped correctly.

  • For more information about the error, click on the provided link in the logs. This will give you details about the specific issue.

What should I do if the logs are not showing any updates after I've initiated the shipment status changes?

If the logs remain empty after initiating shipment status changes, revisit the workflow configurations, template mappings, and ensure that you've updated the workflow. If issues persist, reach out to Gallabox or Shipway support for further assistance.

I want to change the template for Delivery Updates Notifications. How can I do that?

In the Shipway Integration, click on "Use" beside the Out for Delivery Workflow. Pick a new template from the library, map variables, and click on "Done." Don't forget to update the workflow for the changes to take effect.

How frequently do the Shipway Integration logs update with the latest information?

Shipway logs update in real-time as soon as there are changes in the shipment status. If you're not seeing updates, verify that the shipment status is being actively changed in your Shipway account.

Facebook Leads

Can I connect multiple Facebook pages to Gallabox?

Yes, you can connect multiple Facebook pages to Gallabox.

Why do I need admin access to the company's Facebook Business Page for integration?

Admin access is required to set up the necessary permissions and establish a secure connection between Gallabox and your Facebook Business Page.

Is it mandatory to create a test lead before sending out messages on WhatsApp?

It is highly recommended to create a test lead before sending messages on WhatsApp to ensure that the integration is working correctly.

Can I create different workflows for different lead forms on Facebook?

Yes, you can create different workflows for different lead forms under the Facebook Leads Integration. This flexibility allows you to tailor messages and actions based on the specifics of each lead form.

Is it possible to perform multiple actions in a single workflow?

Yes, you can perform multiple actions in a single workflow. For example, you can update contact information and add contact tags simultaneously based on your requirements in Gallabox.


How can I check if my WSP is successfully added in WebEngage?

After configuring WSP, navigate to the WSP List in WebEngage, where you should see Gallabox listed. This confirms that the integration has been successfully added.

What throttling configuration should I set for WhatsApp messages in WebEngage?

In WebEngage, go to Configuration, select Throttling, then WhatsApp, and set the throttling limit to 1000 messages per minute. This ensures that you can send up to 1000 messages per minute through WhatsApp.

What should I do if my WhatsApp Campaign is not successful in WebEngage?

Ensure that you copy & paste the exact template name and text from Gallabox in WebEngage. Also, verify that the variables in WebEngage (e.g., {{1}}, {{2}}) match the ones defined in Gallabox.

Can I launch a WhatsApp Campaign on WebEngage without adding WhatsApp templates?

No, you need to add WhatsApp templates in WebEngage to run a successful campaign. Click on "Add WhatsApp Template," select the WSP for Gallabox, and paste the template from Gallabox.

What happens if I don't use the exact template name and text from Gallabox in WebEngage?

It's crucial to use the exact template name and text from Gallabox in WebEngage. If there's a mismatch, the campaign may not be successful. Always ensure consistency in template details between both platforms (Gallabox and WebEngage).

Can I use variables in WebEngage similar to Gallabox when creating message templates?

Yes, you can use variables like {{1}}, {{2}} in WebEngage, unlike in Gallabox. Ensure that the variables match the ones defined in Gallabox while creating your message templates in WebEngage.

For example: If you have use {{name}} as a variable in Gallabox, you have to use {{1}} wherever you would like to use the name of your customer in the message content.

How can I check the status of my launched WhatsApp Campaign on WebEngage?

After launching the campaign, you can check the status under the List of Campaigns, which provides insights into the performance and progress of your WhatsApp Campaign.


What is the purpose of the delivery-report-callback-url in Gallabox for MoEngage?

To track the delivery of WhatsApp Messages in MoEngage, paste the MoEngage Delivery Tracking URL in Gallabox and click Update Configuration to get the API Secret (Authorization).

What precautions should I take when adding WhatsApp templates to MoEngage from Gallabox?

Ensure the template name, language, category, header, body, footer, and buttons match the Gallabox template. Change variables to numbers in the message body as per Gallabox.

Can I test my campaign before publishing it on MoEngage?

Yes, you can test the campaign before publishing by selecting the Mobile Number (External/Not Registered with MoEngage) and providing the mobile number with the country code. Click Test to resolve any errors.

Where can I monitor the progress of my launched campaign on MoEngage?

After publishing the campaign, you will be redirected to the campaign info to monitor the progress. Check the status and performance of your campaign in the MoEngage dashboard

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