WhatsApp Order Summary

The WhatsApp Orders Summary feature in Gallabox is a powerful solution designed to streamline your order management. It allows you to track and manage orders received via WhatsApp efficiently. Key details, such as date, customer information, order status, and payment status, are presented in a structured format for easy interpretation.

Metrics at a Glance

  1. Date: The date of the order placement, providing a chronological view for better tracking.

  2. Customer Name and Phone: Detailed customer information for personalized communication and easy contact.

  3. Channel: Identifies the source channel through which the order was received, providing insights into the effectiveness of different communication channels.

  4. Total: The total amount of the order, facilitating financial tracking and analysis.

  5. Items: A breakdown of the individual items included in the order, aiding inventory management and fulfillment.

  6. Order Status: Tracks the current status of the order, whether it's pending, in progress, or completed.

  7. Payment Status: Highlights the payment status, ensuring clarity on the financial aspect of each order.

Configuration Settings

With WhatsApp Cart Settings, you can merge all the scattered carts into one neat order, ensuring you customer never miss out on anything they wanted to buy. You can set a timeframe for the carts to expire, keeping the shopping experience organized and clutter-free.

Handle multiple carts from customer

Enable this option to allow customers to manage multiple carts and merge them into a single order. Customers can add items to different carts and later merge them into one consolidated order.

Make sure to enable the option for Handle multiple carts as shown in the below picture.

Set Timeline for Cart Expiry

Set a specific timeline for the expiration of shopping carts. Upon returning after the expiration period, customers will be prompted to merge or replace their previous cart contents.


  1. By default the Cart Expiry is 1 hour.

  2. The expiry can be minimum 1 hour and maximum 7 days.

Merge Cart Message

This message will be shared when customers are prompted to merge their carts. If you would like to customize the message as per your Brand voice, you can also do that.

If you are customizing the Merge Cart Message, make sure to use the 4 variables provided the right way.

Button Text Options

You will have two button options - Merge or Replace. You have the option change the Button Text option as per your Brand Voice.

Make sure to edit the button. Don't write the equivalent or alternative words for either 'merge' or 'Replace'. The buttons will not work.

This configuration can be turned on or turned off. By default it would be turned On.

Utilizing WhatsApp Orders

Accessing and managing WhatsApp Orders in Gallabox is a straightforward process. Navigate to the WhatsApp Orders section, where you can view, update, filter and track orders seamlessly. The intuitive interface ensures a user-friendly experience for both order management and analysis.

Understanding Whatsapp Orders

Let's delve into the essential order details that this feature encapsulates:

  1. Order by: Identifies the individual or entity placing the order, providing clarity on the source.

  2. Order from: Specifies the origin of the order, offering insights into different customer segments or channels.

  3. Order ID: A unique identifier assigned to each order, facilitating easy tracking and reference.

  4. Order Date: Indicates the date when the order was placed, allowing for chronological organization and analysis.

  5. Cart ID: Links the order to the specific shopping cart, aiding in tracking the customer's journey.

  6. Order Status: Provides real-time information on the current status of the order – whether it's pending, in progress, or fulfilled.

  7. Payment Status: Highlights the status of payment associated with the order, ensuring financial transparency.

  8. Reason: An optional field allowing for the inclusion of specific reasons associated with the order, providing valuable context.

  9. Go to this Conversation: A link to the corresponding conversation, allowing quick access to communication history and additional context.

This feature enhances order management and analysis, providing users with a comprehensive solution for tracking, analyzing, and communicating effectively through WhatsApp.

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