Gallabox WhatsApp Shop Overview

Connecting your Facebook Catalog with Gallabox streamlines and automates your WhatsApp business operations. It unlocks powerful features like showcasing products directly within WhatsApp chats and enabling quick and convenient order placement via WhatsApp.

Facebook Product Catalog

Think of your Facebook catalog as a digital shop window. It's where you display your products for potential buyers to see. Before anyone can buy, you need to fill your window with product details.

Create your First Catalogue

Before you begin:

  • Have a Facebook Page for your Business. If not, create one.

  • Have a business account in Business Manager to assign the catalogue to your business. Make sure that you have full control of the business account.

To create a new catalogue:

  1. Go to Commerce Manager and click on "Get Started". Click on Create a catalogue and then click Get started.

  1. Next is to Select your catalogue type. You can select from E-commerce, Travel, Property, and Auto. Once you select your catalogue type, click on Next.

E-commerce: This is the most common option for businesses selling physical products online or through locally available stores. It covers a wide range of items, from clothing and electronics to furniture and home goods.

Travel: This option is ideal if you sell hotels, holiday properties, flights, or destinations.

Property: This category caters to businesses dealing in rental properties and listings.

Auto: This option is specifically for businesses involved in the auto market.

  1. The Next Step is to Configure your Account with details like the Upload method. If you have your catalog in the excel sheets, select Upload Product Info. If you have hosted your products on a partner platform, select Connect a partner platform.

If you have hosted your products on WooCommerce or Shopify select from the dropdown, and click on "Go to the Platform" to complete catalog set-up.

  1. Make sure you have a Facebook Business Id. If not, click on "Create Business ID". A pop-up will open and will ask you to enter details.

  1. If you would like to change the name of the catalogue, change it. Then click on "Create". Your catalogue will be created.

  1. You can view you catalogue and start adding the products by clicking on "View Catalogue".

Ways to add items to your catalogue

These are the three main ways to add items to your catalogue in Commerce Manager:

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