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Discover the power of "Ask Text" Card in Gallabox. Engage users with open-ended questions and store their responses in a designated variable for use in your BotFlow.

Understanding "Ask Text"

"Ask Text" Card in Gallabox lets bots ask users open-ended questions, making conversations more fun. Users can share their thoughts, opinions, or give info based on the questions. This user-generated text can be stored in a designated variable, allowing you to use that data in your BotFlow.

You can ask the customer a question as a Text or as a Voice.

Ask as Text Essentials

Learn the basics of the "Ask as Text" option in Ask Text Card to make talking to users more interesting.

Question Text

This is the question you want to ask users. Make it clear and short so users know what you're asking.

The Question text can be made Bold, Italic, or strikethrough using the options provided. The text will add the asterisk(*) for Bold, Underscore(_) for Italic text, and Tilde(~) for Strikethrough around the text.

Ask as Voice Essentials

The Ask as a Voice feature in Gallabox's Ask Text Bot Card lets users talk to submit their answers, making it easy and fun to interact.

You can either choose AI voice or a Record option.

For generating AI voice, you have to type in the Question Text, select the desired voice from the drop-down, and click on Generate Voice Button.

The Question text will be changed into voice. You can listen to it, change playback speed before saving the card to be used in the bot.

If you want to send a message in your voice, use Record option. Just press the record Button to record. To stop recording, click on Stop Recording.

PRO TIP: Use Variables in the Question Text and in the Validation Error Message to make it more personalized.

Implementation Example:

Imagine you are asking your customers for their PAN Card to evaluate their Financial profile. The Ask Text question type with validation settings will make sure users give helpful responses within a specific character limit.

For the Question Text you can enter: Enter your PAN Card details to evaluate your profile.

You have the option to store the user response in the variable. You can create a variable - user_details for example to store the user response.

Now for the validation settings, you could provide the attempt limit as 1, Validation Error Message is optional. Provide the Action on Invalid Response, and turn on the Additional Validation Settings.

In the additional validation settings, provide the Minimum character, Maximum character, Regex. The PAN Card number is of 10 digits meaning the minimum characters and the maximum characters are 10.

The first five characters of a PAN Card are letters (in uppercase by default), followed by four numerals, and the last (tenth) character is a letter. To capture this you could use a regex - ^[A-Z]{5}[0-9]{4}[A-Z]{1}$ to make sure that the user enters a valid PAN Number which matches the following criteria's:

  • The PAN Card number must be ten characters long.

  • The first five characters must be uppercase letters.

  • The next four characters must be numbers.

  • The last character must be an uppercase letter.

Sample Flow Using Ask Text Card

In Gallabox Bot Interface:

In WhatsApp:

The above sample flow is for you to understand how "Ask Text" Card works and it's usage. It is not a representation of what can be achieved with Gallabox.

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