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Review and Send Broadcast

Broadcast Scheduling Settings

You can see the number of contacts selected and the respective details here in this section
You can see the preview of the template on the right side of the screen. We display how the message will look for the first 20 contacts with all the dynamic variables appended.


Put a name for your broadcast
Note:- Name is suggested along with the date and time, but it depends upon the user to choose either one of them or both

Schedule the Broadcast

Choose when you would like to send the broadcast - Broadcast immediately or schedule it in the later date and time.

Broadcast Custom Settings

Use this to add a reply to your broadcast.
->After the messages are sent and if your customers are responding back to those messages, usually the conversation will go to the “Unassigned” bucket.
-> In case you want to assign a conversation to a particular user/ agent, a team, or a bot. you can do using the option.
-> In case one of your customers is already in the middle of talking with one of the agents/bots you have created.
-> You can choose to override that assignment by checking the box and assigning them to the selected reply setting on their interaction with this particular template.

Test Broadcast

-> Before even sending out the messages in bulk, you can test the template by clicking on "Test Broadcast"
-> A pop-up will open upon clicking on the button, here you can provide up to 10 contact numbers along with their names to test the broadcast in a go.
-> You can initiate the test messages by clicking on "Send Now"

Cancel Broadcast

You can cancel the Broadcast and stop the message from going out to everyone in the contact list.
After sending out the Broadcast campaign, you can review the Broadcast Analytics and Report.
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