Review and Send Broadcast

Take control of your broadcast scheduling settings. Get insights into selected contacts and their details. Preview your message template and customize settings for compliance and quality.

One of the primary features of Schedule Broadcast is its ability to send a predetermined number of messages within a specified period. For instance, users may have a limit of 250 messages per day, ensuring that they maintain a controlled and organized approach to their messaging campaigns.

If the messages are exceeding your daily limits, you will also be notified of the message charge. If your wallet will not have the amount, you will be asked to recharge your Gallabox Account.

Broadcast Details

You can change the Broadcast Name and schedule the broadcast.

You can see the preview of the template on the right side of the screen. We display how the message will look for the first 20 contacts with all the dynamic variables appended.

Targeted Audience

Total Contacts will show you how many are eligible to send the broadcast. It will show the count of contact numbers who have turned on the marketing-opt in to receive message from your business.

A warning is issued to emphasize the importance of sending messages only to opted-in contacts. Sending messages to contacts who have opted out may negatively impact the quality rating of the sender.

Broadcast reply settings

You can assign the reply to a specific team member or assignee. This feature allows for effective delegation and collaboration within your team members.

The option to override current assignment allows you to reassign the conversation to an agent or a bot who is already connected with your customer.

Test Broadcast

Before even sending out the messages in bulk, you can test the template by clicking on "Test Broadcast".

  • A pop-up will open upon clicking on the button, here you can provide up to 10 contact numbers along with their names to test the broadcast in a go.

  • You can initiate the test messages by clicking on "Send Now"

You can check the box if you are sending the template message to the same set of contacts within a 24-hour cycle.

After Testing, click on "Send Broadcast" to share the messages with the segment of your choice.

Sending Multiple WhatsApp Template Messages Within a 24-Hour Session Window

When sending additional WhatsApp Template Messages to the same set of contacts, ensure they fall within a 24-hour session window to comply with messaging policies and optimize delivery success.

By sending more template messages to the same contacts within 24 hours, businesses follow the rules better and increase the chance of messages being delivered successfully.

Use the Checkbox Confirmation: Mark the checkbox ([x]) if you are confident that your broadcast falls within the required timeframe.

Cancel Broadcast

You can cancel the Broadcast and stop the message from going out to everyone in the contact list.

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