Drip Campaign Setup

Customize sequence activation based on date with triggers and conditions. Choose message delivery preferences for specific days and times.

The Sequence will be activated based on the enrollment date, subject to applied conditions.

Set trigger and conditions


Now the trigger is of three types - On Create, On Update, and Both (Create & Update).


  1. You have two types of Conditions - Start and Stop.

  1. To add a condition, click on the “+Add” and select the fields or tags you would like to add as a condition.

You can add one or more conditions for Start and Stop Conditions.

  1. You have Success and Failure Conditions under Stop Conditions to define the outcomes and criteria for ending the sequence.

When using multiple conditions, it's important to note that a user will enter the sequence only when all the conditions are met simultaneously.

Set sequence delivery preference

This allows you to choose the time range and days on which you would like to send the messages in the sequence. This preference you provide will affect all the message delivery in this particular sequence


We have preselected "All Day," which includes Monday to Sunday by default. If you'd rather choose specific days for message delivery, you can select them, and the selected days will be highlighted in green, while the unselected ones won't be.


We have initially chosen "Any time" (24 hours) as the default settings for you. If you prefer to send messages only between 9 am and 6 pm, simply select "Time Range" and specify a start and end time.

Allow users only once check

  • This marks the final step of sequence configuration. By default, the checkbox will be selected, meaning that when a contact meets the specified trigger and conditions, they will be allowed into the sequence only once, and the corresponding messages will be sent to them. This prevents them from re-entering the sequence even if they satisfy the trigger and conditions again in the future.

  • If you wish to enable the sequence to run multiple times for a contact each time they meet the conditions, please uncheck this option. However, note that for contacts who have already entered the flow, they will not be allowed to re-enter until they have completed or exited the flow and the conditions are met again. Conversely, if you initially configured the sequence to allow contacts only once, but you delete a contact and later add them again, they will be permitted to enter the sequence if they meet the sequence conditions.

You have configured the conditions and triggers, to proceed further, click on Next as shown in the GIF.

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